Thursday, October 30, 2014

And the hypocrite of the election goes to:

It's a tie between C3G2 and the daily democratian.

They both share the same leftist hatred to be sure: they're SOOOO concerned about where the money is coming from when it concerns someone to the right of Karl Marx politically.

But when it comes to their own side of the spectrum?

Nothing.  No concern.  No public examination.

We now know the lie about the falsely-named C3G2 cabal: it would have been more aptly named "All Hate for Madore, All the Time" or something similar.

Both the slime at C3G2 and the little worm running the democratian have attempted to rivet attention to David Madore, the leftist's local political anti-Christ.

And in doing that, they've essentially ignored funding for leftist candidates.

The rag's seminal and despicable work, a screed entitled "Who owns Stewart" was the kind of hatred and manure the cancer on our community has been troweling out for the most part during every one of the 26 years I've been unfortunate enough to be exposed to their Goebbelian propaganda as a part of living around here.

The failure of the haters at the C3G2 conclave and democratian to cast the same critical eye at ALL candidates, including Monica Stonier who has charged unions over $400,000 to buy HER is the basis for the glaring and gapping hole in anything approaching "integrity," as forgotten at C3G2 as journalism is at the daily democratian.

Their institutional double standard combined with their obsession to regain power on the county commission (Which is what's driving all this hatred) makes this a no-brainer:

The Hypocrite of the year award is a joint presentation to the fake Clark County Citizens to Bring Down Madore and the ubiquitous Daily Democratian.

And frankly, I fervently hope they choke on it next Tuesday night.

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