Monday, October 13, 2014

Maureen "Bully" Winningham goes full potato at the league of Women Vipers forum a few days ago.

Regular readers know what a full-blown psychotic Bully Loserham actually is: and, well, a few days ago, she proved it.

In what was clearly a coordinated-in-advance effort with the moderator, democrat freeholder loser (Defeated by Pike, come to think of it) and former Commissioner Judie Stanton, Rep. Liz Pike was set up by this group so that Bully could club her.

And if her campaign hadn't been based on lie upon lie, repeatedly offered in the hopes that the Goebellian/Democratian principle that if you lie loud enough, long enough and often enough, it will somehow become the truth.. it may even had made a difference.

But Loserham is a student of lies, half-truths and distortions of the old school variety.  Watch this waste of space lie her wide-glide ass off.

I'll get to those lies, lies someone stupidly refers to as "Reasons you should elect her," in a second.

They are, of course, reasons you should vote for Satan before you'd even consider voting for this lowlife who started her campaign with a series of lies and then went downhill from there.

Here's her latest from the video that she believes to be so clever:
"I believe it's time to increase the minimum wage because you shouldn't work full time and live in poverty.   
(This goes to her continuing delusion and left is pandering; an increase in the minimum wage in no way guarantees that you will not continue to live in what she's referring to as "poverty", and of course those who would suffer the most as a result of a massive increase in the minimum wage would be the very people that she's claiming she'd try to help, as they are laid off in the tens of thousands because employers can no longer afford to keep them on the payroll.

And, of course, let us remember that Washington State already has among the, if not the, highest minimum wage in the United States.  Minor detail to be sure.)
my opponent proposed a bill that would slash the minimum wage to six dollars an hour."
I suppose, when you're getting killed on the issues in a conservative district… You just have to make it up as you go along.

Bully would have you believe that the Pike bill, which concerned a temporary training wage and which was introduced at the behest of a democrat constituent, would be an across-the-board cut to the minimum wage standards of the state of Washington. That's not true of course, but then Winningham is never been particularly interested in the truth. So she makes it up as she goes along.
I believe teachers deserve our respect and our support
(Translated as :"I will do anything the WEA tells me for money.)

So, what do the democrats do about that in the race for the 18th District House seat?

They unleash a lying thug named Maureen Winningham.

Watch her in action at the local democrat goat rope a few months back.

The screen over is provided by the inestimable Lew Waters, YouTube wizard extraordinaire.

The problem we've got here is that this video lays out in detail what this woman really is.

She's strident, delusional and completely out of touch with this district.

Lew Waters, in fact, saves everybody a little time by preparing an "executive summary" video compilation of Bully's horrific speech at the democrat convention:

She's unconcerned with the fact that every single precinct in the entirety of this district voted against the loot rail scam just last November, simultaneously giving Rep. Pike credit for helping to kill it.

She's also, obviously, desperate; recognizing that she's got zero traction and no local support.  So she has to do what leftists typically do: she lies.  She lied in the video... more than once.... when she didn't even have to:

Yes, for example, Bangladore, India DOES have stop lights, one wonders: why did she have to lie and say they did not?

And no, Bangalore was NOT a "sleepy little retirement town of 100,000."  Ten years ago or SEVENTY years ago.

It was a "sleepy little retirement town with roughly the population of the entire state of Washington 10 years ago (Actually, 13 years ago.)

Further, as the census figures show, she even lied when she claimed, falsely, that people are "moving away from Bangalore because it's too tough to live there."

A population growth rate of 65% over the prior decade... and "people are moving away?"

Population Growth 
Source: Census of India[133][134
So, why does this embittered partisan have to lie?

Why did she lie about Liz's voting record?

Why doesn't what the people of this district want matter to her?

And THIS woman is going to call OUR Liz a "bully?"

Well, there's a bully in this race all right: a clueless, fringe-leftist union hack of a partisan who with this one video shows herself to be better suited to represent the Vancouver Soviet then us hicks out here in rural Clark County.

Why does she have to make this stuff up?  And if she's going to lie about crap like this... then what else has she lied to us about?

And what else WILL she lie to us about?

And when this is all over... she is going to not only be defeated this November... she is going to be CRUSHED.

And I am going to do everything I can to make sure that happens, because I don't want this woman around ANYWHERE in my government.

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