Monday, October 13, 2014

Today's quiz question: Why does Craig Pridemore think the Charter is going to lose?

Craig's an interesting guy.

He doesn't give a damn what we think or want... but the thing that made me the most curious about him is the idea that he'd ditch a much higher paying job for a much lower paying job.

That made zero sense when Mr. "Balance the budget on the backs of the poor and the powerless" Pridemore ditched the county commissioner gig which paid close to six figures at the time for a job that barely paid more than a gas station attendant, relatively speaking.

That never made any sense.

To that end, he was what he might call "successful," he won election to the Senate and took a $40,000 or so so pay cut as a result.

Never understood that.  Still don't.

But that brings us to today:  Why would he give up a gig that pays something over $85,000 plus for a gig that pays... what... $53,000?

Because if he were to... God forbid... be elected... that's what would happen were the Charter to pass.

Unless, of course, the obvious comes into play: he believes the polls that tell him the Charter is going to fail.

THEN he'd get the full boat... the big bucks.

It's the only solution that fits.  He never explained why he left a job (Commissioner) where he was a big fish in a tiny pond to become a back-bencher in Olympia and a failed congressional/state auditor candidate.

Nothing else makes any sense.

Just sayin'. 

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