Monday, October 13, 2014

Bully Winningham AGAIN attacks democrats in the legislature: complains about them taking "cash from Big Oil!"

It's rare in my experience to see a candidate so stuck on stupid.

Bully Loserham throws a hissy-fit on her campaign facebook page over candidates generally and her opponent (That is, Liz Pike) taking "thousands of dollars in campaign cash from Big Oil!"

Scum.  Pure scum.

Let's look at the record, shall we?

First and foremost, here a list of people that, theoretically, Loserham is complaining about:

Eric Pettigrew.

Judy Clibborn

Jeff Morris

Gael Tarleton

Pat Sullivan

Larry Springer

Christopher Hurst

Brian Blake

Ross Hunter

Dean Takko

Steve Kirby

Now... who are these people?

Democrat State Representatives.

They've taken campaign funds from Tesoro. Some of these, money from Chevron and British Patroleum.  Is that not OK?

If this is based on some sort of "principle," then why isn't this whack job hypocrite complaining about THEM?

And, of course, she's as owned by the unions as if the 13th Amendment was never passed.  And Loserham is FINE with that.

Next, of course, is that this is an outright, utter lie:

Tesoro gave Liz $500.  Not quite the same thing as "thousands," but then, we've shown that Bully lies like she breathes, why would she tell the truth about this?

Many of the democrats on this list received MORE than our Liz... why doesn't THAT bother Bully?


Because she's a hypocrite and since she can't run on the issues, given her CRC political death wish, she has to make stuff up.  And if this is the best Heather Stuart can do, you'd best be demanding a refund.

I support the terminal.  I support the jobs it will bring.  The oil trains are coming regardless.  Why these fringe-left whack jobs have to lie about this sort of thing is beyond me... but it all seems fairly pathetic, don't you think?

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