Sunday, October 05, 2014

Let this be a lesson to the GOP: Stop doing democratian editorial boards.

For years now, I've wondered: why do true Republicans bother handing Lefty Lou the nails he'll use to crucify them with?


Why do candidates who KNOW they are going to be editorially decapitated, who KNOW that the outcome is preordained or, in this case, who knew that even if a corrupt liar like Pridemore jumped up on the table and dropped trou while singing "Swanee River," he would STILL get the endorsement from these fringe-left haters.

There was never any other possible outcome for the county commissioner endorsement: Lefty Lou Brancaccio is a fringe-left hater, an outright liar on a variety of issues and subjects, a bully who sees his way as the only way, and screw what the people want.

Just like that scumbag he endorsed this morning.

For far over a year now, this maggot has been beating up David Madore and then doing his level best to tie his political enemies to him, as if Madore is a child molester.

Well, let me put it this way: Brancaccio and those he supports?

They fall under a newly identified category of "community molester."

So, how much more are the local GOP going to allow a Community Molester like Lefty Lou to beat them up?

When does it end?  When do they boycott?

Because when they willingly walk in and put their heads on lefty's chopping block, what do they EXPECT is going to happen?

There are two reasons Lefty didn't mention for the endorsement:  Lou hates everyone and anyone who had or played any real effort in stopping the CRC and he hates anyone remotely connected to David Madore.

It remains to be seen if that hatred will in any way translate to additional votes for that lying asshole that he wore out yet another set of kneepads for this a.m., but there is no doubt of one outcome:

Hatred is what drives the democratian.

And I urge that the GOP make them pay a price for that... because "hatred" don't pay the bills.

Two GOP candidates blow these slime off.  One is called "Senator" and the others is called "Commissioner."


There is no excuse for allowing these scum to use you to further their political aims.

I've gone 20 years without putting a dime in the pockets of those scum: they have zero weight in the political community and the LAST thing they're concerned about is the best candidate.

Just stop.

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