Sunday, October 05, 2014

Confirming she's completely out of touch, Bully Winningham sticks her foot into her mouth up to her knee.

There's stupid.

Then there's Maureen "Bully" Winningham stupid.

A special, evil kind of stupidity: kind of an idiot wrapped in a moron.

The 18th District is one of THE most rabidly anti-CRC Scam area's that exists.

The people of this district have REPEATEDLY made it clear that they hate the project.  And with their votes in 12 and 13, where the candidates supporting this idiocy were unceremoniously tossed out on their ass... including the three morons running from the left in the 18th.

You'd think local democrats would have learned from that... but, nah... they think we're idiots because we opposed their corruption.

And Liar Loser Bullyham may be the worst of the lot.

Take a few moments and see what this rank, overseas-job outsourcing, graduate of fringe-left charm school says about those of us smart enough to oppose her stupidity.

Reminiscent of another, recently departed narcissistic egomaniac, this brain-damaged neo-communist just... doesn't... get it:

So, if you're looking for a princess who thinks she's all that, when in reality, she's politically deranged and there's no lie she won't tell, then by all means, waste your vote on that waste of skin.

But if you're looking to be listened to and represented... then Liz Pike is your vote.

Bully shouldn't be in office.  In fact, there's a major argument she shouldn't be let out without a keeper.

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