Sunday, October 05, 2014

Banfield Veterinary: a tale of two fee waivers.

We've all heard that Banfield is making one of their more moronic decisions and foolishly moving their operation from Oregon to within the city limits of the Vancouver Soviet.

I wouldn't be caught dead living or opening up a business in that Keystone Cops Zoo.  Nor should anyone else with common sense.

That said, the fringe-left attacks David Madore for every slight, real... or imagined.  Will they do the same for The Liar's deal with Banfield?

That head tax that all other business of a certain size or better have to pay to do business in the trainwreck known as Vancouver...; $50 for each employee... which is, of course, 50 reasons for a business to get the hell out of that black hole of common sense and integrity... well, Banfield can blow that off.

That's right: highly placed sources have told me that as a part of the package to get Banfield to move to Vancouver, The Liar and his merry band made that tax go away.

For them.

The REST of you suckers have to pay it, you understand... but not if you're one of The Liar's buds.

I don't really have much of a problem with that deal, by the way.

I'm just viewing it in terms of the left's head's exploding when David Madore and Tom Mielke got rid of some development fees.

Oh, my GOD!  Remember the fringe-left outrage?  The demands that such a decision be "justified" by the fringe-left haters at C3G2?

When news of this breaks... anyone here believe for one second these same fringe-left hypocrites are going to be as upset... or make the same kinds of demands for Vancouver?  The same demands, for example, that The Liar "justify" this decision?

Of course not.  That's "different," you see.  It's ALWAYS different when the left does it.

But that doesn't change it, does it?

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