Monday, October 06, 2014

Today's quiz question: when was the last time the democratian endorsed a GOP candidate running against a leftist incumbent?

Yeah, I can't think of a time either.

They frequently endorse democrats against GOP incumbents, you understand, but with the frequency of a Haley's Comet flyby is how often they endorse a Republican against a democrat.

There is no question that the democrat daily is working hard in every way to get and keep democrats elected: that's what they've done for the 26 or 27 years I've lived here, that's what they'll do as long as they're in business.

Their situational application of criteria, which changes to fit the candidate ("Experience" is a justification to endorse a democrat in one race, but stands as worthless in a different race when the GOP'er is running against an inexperienced democrat, for example.) their application of Brancaccio's hatred standard... all of that guarantees that in competitive districts, the democrat will be endorsed[ in districts where democrats are elected, that guarantees the democrat will be endorsed and, of course, in districts where the candidate has taken money from David Madore, that guarantees the democrat will be endorsed.

Knowing this ahead of time... why does anyone to the right of Lenin bother?  Why does ANYONE walk into one of these things to hand Lefty Lou the nails he'll then use to crucify them in his column?


Just stop.  Don't go.  Stop legitimizing scum like Brancaccio.

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