Sunday, October 05, 2014

My cure for the anti-Madore shtick? Money.

As we know by now, the community molester's tact here is going to be to link anyone he dislikes to David Madore.

He believes his incessant whining, bitching and moaning, engaged in as payback for Madore's efforts at successfully killing the CRC, taking out fellow democrat Marc Boldt and holding the taxpayers hostage for that "official re among other things, has had a cumulative effect.  Which it has:  it's confirmed that Lefty Lou is a psychotic, filled with hatred.

I suggest that since we already know what these leftist scum are going to do, we just acknowledge it as a fact of life.

Memo to David Madore: the left paints you as the political anti-Christ.

You're not, of course, but they have no issues supported by the people: their positions on rabidly supporting the CRC Scam, for example; their constant drum beat of ignoring the will of the people on the issues confronting us: they're left with precious little choice.  So, for this cycle, you're it.

Here's the solution: take out your checkbook and fire a monetary bullet through Lefty Lou's head.

Anyone taking a campaign donation from you is going to be crucified like they tried to crucify Jeanne Stewart.

So here, the choices are stark and clear: this cycle, they believe they have politically destroyed you.  I disagree, but then, I live in the real world instead of the world of the community molester.

If you make them pay: if you start firing your checkbook at everyone they try to link to you in an effort to weaken you and discredit those you support... and if they win?

Then they're emboldened further.  They'll attack more.  They'll weaken you more.

So, become the local version of Tom Steyer.

You're going to be attacked for that any way.  And it's like any other fight: if you're going to bleed merely because you're breathing in and out, then your only alternative is to make them bleed even more.

Be what they claim.  They're trying to make you pay for it anyway.

Because if you win... they are done.  All their hatred will be for naught.


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