Thursday, September 18, 2014

Who to believe on the downtown waterfront scam?

That's a toughie.

On the one hand, we've got the downtown mafia which have been repeatedly shown to lie, exaggerate and twist at the drop of a hat to get what they want, whining about the terminal being built.

In everything from the moronic $200,000.000 in economic benefit on the ballpark scam published by CRUDEC after the Yakima Millionaires paid them off... to the CRC/Loot Rail scam.  Lie after lie after lie.

On the other hand, we've got the equally motivated Tesoro types who want that terminal built, along with most sentient beings equipped with functioning brain neurons.

The downtown waterfront developers have already lied through their collective tooth when they tossed out this bone:
Cain says "there may be no reasonable mitigation measures available to effectively address all impacts." He also says that development of the waterfront site "is not speculative or remote."
"There may be no reasonable mitigation measures" is, of course absolutely as true as the opposite: that such mitigation measures actually DO exist.

Like the CRC Scam, everyone supporting this clown will automatically treat any report HE provides as engraved in stone; just as they will trash any report that is contrarian because that's how the fringe-left around here rolls.

That said, Mr. Cain, if you don't like the terminal here, then feel free to get lost.

Because it's highly unlikely that you're only going to use electric vehicles to build your scam.

Who to believe?  Who has lied the most?  Who supports what?

Right now, I support the terminal.  But I and many others are watching.  Closely.

It's kind of like the Charter scam.  And that the rag opposes the oil terminal is one of the main reasons to build it, and Cain can just pick up his football and leave... because it's not like someone else can't come along and do much the same thing.  Cain will come to find out he's, literally, not the only game in town.

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