Friday, September 19, 2014

Did Democrat Alaskan Senator Mark Begich just kill himself politically and hurt democrat control of the Senate even more?

Begich is in a genuine fist fight in Alaska.  He's currently trailing in his re-election bid, but it's still somewhat close.

So why did he shoot himself in the political head by doing this?

National Review Online
The one and only.
Senate Democrats Protect Obama’s Post-Election Amnesty in 50-50 Vote


Senate Democrats succeeded in blocking a vote on President Obama’s promised post-election executive orders providing administrative amnesty to illegal immigrants — but only by the barest of margins.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.) wanted to offer an amendment opposing the orders, but Senate Democrats thwarted the attempt.

“I am going to make a motion that would allow this Senate to block the President’s planned executive amnesty,” Sessions said Thursday afternoon. “This is a common Senate action. If you believe we are sovereign nation, with the right to control our own borders, then you must vote ‘yes.’ If you believe America is an oligarchy, run by a group of special interests meeting in the White House to rewrite our immigration laws, then vote ‘no.’”

Fifty senators voted for Sessions’ motion and fifty voted against, so the proposal failed.

Four embattled Democratic lawmakers — North Carolina senator Kay Hagan, Louisiana senator Mary Landrieu, New Hampshire senator Jeanne Shaheen, and Arkansas senator Mark Pryor — voted with Sessions after opposing the same motion earlier this year. Senator Joe Manchin (D., W.Va.) voted with Sessions both times.

“Begich saved the day for Ds,” Politico’s Manu Raju tweeted, referring to Senator Mark Begich (D., Alaska), a vulnerable Democrat who voted with Democratic leadership.
His opponent, Republican Dan Sullivan should proceed to beat this guy to a pulp with this sell out.  That should put him away for good.

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