Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Think Obama gets it? This is what happens when your president is a coward.


Lew Waters said...

The only thing Obama "gets," is tee off time.

If ever we needed coup, it is now

Martin Hash said...

Hey, I'm all for Obama's handling of this thing.

Just a guy said...

Martin, you know a lot about a lot. Feel free to enlighten us with your experience in military operations, geo-political considerations and strategy.

The biggest problem I've got with that clueless idiot in the White House is that he's NOT "handling" it.

IT is handling HIM.

Oceans of blood on his hands, dude. Oceans.

Gotta wonder: would something like this be happening on Reagan's watch? Think they'd be doing this crap to Putin's strategic interests?

And please... keep your trolling to a minimum.