Tuesday, September 02, 2014

C3G2 Hater whines: Keep Whine Festival "apolitical."

So, one of the more active haters from the C3G2 hate site started her OWN Whine Festival when she had a letter to the editor published in today's democratian where she sniveled about Lynda Wilson's political booth at the Vancouver Wine and Jazz Festival.

Wollert, one of the more hard core fringe-left whack jobs infesting the C3G2 site, is an example of the hypocrisy surrounding their efforts.  As a group. these nutters lost their collective minds over the hiring of Don Benton.  In fact, if Russians had invaded New Jersey, these political scum wouldn't have been more upset... and, under the communist Soviet regime, they likely would have applauded those efforts.

The hypocrisy of that site is the stuff of legends.  Had the shoe been on the other foot, had a fellow fringe-left nutburger like, say, "Molehill" Moeller gotten the gig, they'd have peed their collective pants in joy.

The problem here is quite simple:  This has nothing to do with political purity.  It has everything to do with partisan, fringe-left efforts to project their "faux offense" in an effort to extend THEIR control over this private effort.

Ask yourself: like the hypocrisy Wollert's displayed over their fake outrage on the Benton hiring, if Monica Stonier had managed to find a way to get a booth up in this festival, do you think any fringe-left neocommunist like Wollert would have written this kind of garbage to condemn her or demand that the VWJF display the political purity of a cathedral?

Of course not.

It's the kind of hypocrisy and double standard they revel in, every day, over on their hate site.

Fortunately for us all, Wollert, thankfully, isn't the arbiter of all things First Amendment.  And while it may have pissed her off enough to write a cloying, sickly sweet effort to bitch because a Republican managed to do what none of Wollert's fellow leftists have been able to do, that leads me to ask this:

You want some whine with that cheese?

The Cure for Wollert's discomfort.
To Wollert, I say this:  I urge you skip the festival in the future.  After all, THE most important aspect of the festival is to make every effort to make SURE that Michelle isn't "offended" somehow... isn't it?  While the subsequent reduction in Festival revenue resulting from reduced wine consumption at first may be crippling as a result of your absence... in time, the Festival will survive... as will the Constitution.  Meanwhile, I suggest that Wollert can treat her condition with this:

All other problems having been solved, this C3G2 hater has to babble about someone exercising their First Amendment rights... a right not only allowed under under Constitution, but also a right paid for by the Wilson Campaign

I guess to be a C3G2 hater is also to be a whiny, sniveling punk when you don't get your own way.

Tsk, tsk.

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