Monday, September 01, 2014

Helping Chief C3G2 hater Chuck Green "get it."

So, it seems that the haters over at C3G2 hang on every word I write.

As a result, I'm going to help the Chief C3G2 Hater out... perhaps he can hang himself on these.

First, by C3G2 policy, I, David Madore, Lew Waters and Robert Dean are banned from having any right to comment on their hate site over anything.  So, anyone who wants to oppose them?

Forget about it.  Their idea of their fallaciously named "good governance" doesn't apply to anyone who thinks differently than they do.

Second, it is clear that the entirety of the purpose of this hate site is to reestablish democrat control over the county commission.  While these hypocrites have banned Commissioner Madore from saying anything on their site, that he has responded in kind (Which has brought sanity back to his private Facebook page) has whipped them up into a frenzy of hatred.

So, in their stilted world, THEY can ban Madore, but there is no way... NO WAY... he can treat them the same way they treat him.

And that takes a special kind of hatred and hypocrisy.  And these scum have it... in spades.

Now, *I* am not banned on Commissioner Madore's site.  But that is primarily a result of first, him not being banned on any of mine and second, that I want to see him... and the rest of the conservatives in politics... actually succeed.

The fringe-left nutjobs on the C3G2 hate site want him dead... figuratively if not literally.  They want to overthrow him as if Clark County was a 3rd world country like Burundi.

They foamed at the mouth when they finally figured out... along with fellow nutjobs Craig Pridemore and "No Choice" Royce Pollard, that they had no GROUNDS for a recall.

Now, of course, everything Madore does, good, bad or indifferent, is wrong; anything anyone else does generally, and their fellow fringe-leftist democrats particularly, isn't worthy of notice of any kind on their "we are out to destroy David Madore" hate site.

And that sets the table for this:

The reason for this garbage is that while Green would naturally refer to the sewage they spew as "civil discourse," anyone who reads how these scum generally refer to Commissioner Madore specifically and those to the right of Mao generally, know better.

Hatred and partisanship are what drive Green and his minions.  it doesn't matter if it's 600 or 6 million that have signed up for his tripe, that doesn't change any of it.

I'm civil with David because David does what he believes to be right because he believes it to be right.  Green and his trained monkeys do what they do out of hate.

As rank hypocrites who base their actions on hatred and partisanship, I am under no compunction to be "civil" to them or anyone else I deem to be a threat to this community.  And typically, I'm not.

I disagree with Madore on the subject at hand.  I've stated my disagreement which, unlike the C3G2 scumbags, has nothing to do with hatred or partisanship or political opportunism.  And when I see that kind of shit being troweled out and it can impact me... then, yes, I am likely not to be "civil."
Green and the scum that post on his hates site are no different in their writing.  They say exactly the same things in different ways with completely different motivations.

They just shine it up a little bit first... but that doesn't change the deep, dark hatred that drives them while they say it.

Even in this pap here, he forces himself to lie.

For example, he falsely declares that I "pat myself on the back" for my accurate portrayal of their hate group.

And that's the variety of idiocy these fringe-left scum typically espouse.

I no more "pat myself on the back" for labeling these slime what they are then I pat myself on the back for calling rain, "water."

They are what they are.  And no amount of Chuck green-inspired lipstick can change that.

Hate is hate.  Hate is what drives them.  Hate is what makes Madore specifically and others who disagree with them generally and are outspoken enough to say it their obsession.

While I do, for example, call this blog "the blog that nobody reads," it's because few on the left admit to it.  I also call it the "blog that everyone gets upset about."

Clearly, the needle is firmly implanted under this thin-skinned hater's hide... and I'm fine with that.

But during the period of time he's claiming that no one read me, I must, in all modesty, point out that my readership was something in the vicinity of 35,000 page views... and 17,685 over the past month and 593,794 views since I began using Google stats.

Clearly, Chuck needs intubation to keep from choking on his own hypocrisy. Because unlike the scum at C3G2, I don't lie and I'm not trying to overturn a government out of hatred, partisan... or otherwise.

And, by all means, I urge those who don't like how, when or what I write to just move along.


And it's kind of strange, if what I say is so meaningless and unimportant... that Chuck Green would take so much time, effort and energy to attack me and my words without disagreeing with a single thing I write save for how I write it.  Kind of flattering, actually.

Imagine that.   Lil'ol unimportant me.

Here's the thing:

I'm not going anywhere.  And when I see scum like this gathering to try and accomplish plans that will hurt my community, I am coming after them to provide the other side, and to call them out when they lie, exaggerate or twist facts into their own revisionist history.

And if they don't like it, that's just too damned bad.

Have a nice night, Chuck. I hope this lesson sinks in and you actually can understand what's happening here.

Looking forward to the expression on your face election night when the Charter gets crushed and Pridemore goes down in flames with it.



Lew Waters said...

That first amendment thing is a bitch, isn't it?

Many of the C3G2ers would do well to read their comments while looking in a mirror.

And, since they have now issued a faux psychoanalysis of us, without a degree in psychology I might add, they slap each other on the back as if they are the most intelligent thing ever to wander into Clark County.

They aren't.

Jack Buckmeir said...

Lefties are like spoiled, petulant little brats that have never grown up to face reality . and they are their own worst enemies.