Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Tough fund raising month for the M&M Twins.

The numbers for Mussolini Mikey Briggs are just.... sad.

Since the 23rd of JULY, Musso has received a grand total of FOUR donations from people, including his buddy Tim "The Liar" Leave-it, for a total of $275.

FOUR.  In 40 days.  And Briggs claims he's going to win.

Even the leftist outfits that typically throw money at those they think have a chance to win if they're democrats has been next to non-existent.

Oh, the usual suspects gave him cab fare... democrat party fronts like the labor council and a couple of others have given him an average of $350 each for a total of $1050 over that same time period.

In fact, during the entirety of a train wreck of a campaign, Mussolini has put together an astoundingly low figure of... $11,845.

And here's the irony of it all: Musso is going to lose his shirt.

He's only raised that tiny number, he's lent himself $5450... and went out of pocket ANOTHER $4800 or so... meaning he's not only flat broke, he's gonna get waxed in debt to the tune of almost $10,000 he's PERSONALLY wasted of his OWN MONEY!  He's so broke, his campaign manager "in-kinds" his pay!

That Mikey.

He's such a fringe-left kidder.

And how about that Bully Winningham.

She's raised... and wasted... a great deal more than Mikey... but not nearly as much as she'd get if anyone thought she was actually going to win.

Her expenses have been astronomically high and she's wasted thousands (three, so far) on the inept incompetence of Heather Stuart's consulting... which, if Heather had any honor, she would be refunding considering how utterly worthless that advice has been.

She's paid over $1600 for a fund raiser who, well, didn't.  That money is almost half of her total expenditures.

But in addition to that, Bully's blown $3600 or so out of pocket in addition to the $19,427 she's claimed to spend on a budget of $24,331 raised to date.

She's also put together a few personal donations, small in size, but done by fellow leftists keeping up appearances since 31 Jul:  $680.

Fascinating how she can raise more money than Mussolini Mikey... considering neither have never had a chance and both have the personalities of snakes.

 She must have a better line of BS, because the Public Employees Union wasted $950 on her and these same unions that ditched Mussolini with cab fare gave Bully enough for cab fare AND a PIZZA!

Either way, the facts are clear.  Even their fellow leftists are voting with their check books.  And it looks bleaker... and bleaker... every day for the two democrat speed bumps in the 18th.

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