Friday, September 12, 2014

The idiocy of Obama's "no American boots on the ground" insanity.

More and more are jumping off the bizarre idea that ISIS can get hammered by anyone but us.  And by "us," I mean our Combined Arms capability... and THAT means American boots on the ground.

This cannot be done any other way.

For months, I have been banging the garbage can lid of returning to Iraq in strength and fighting a fully offensive war, to include incursion into Syria or anywhere else these people go to hunt them down and slaughter them.

The response from the president as our inaction has resulted in a group of one of the most heavily armed, well funded armies on the planet.

Thanks to Obama.

We have multiple implacable foes.  We have a group of people who claim they seek death as they set about to destroy us.

And he golfs.

His indecision, his cowardice, his public, demonstrated lack of concern... all of these things send messages to our allies... and that has resulted in a response from them called "tepid."

The ONLY way we're are going to get allies on the ground is to GO THERE OURSELVES and put OUR troops on the ground.

If I'm Cameron or Merkel, how can I POSSIBLY justify using UK or German troops in the region if the US is just standing there, holding their coats while THEY bleed, and America stands around drinking latte's?


Much of this is happening because of Obama's cowardice and ignorance.  Nobody wants to be led by a moron.  They've seen that our word is worthless.  They see that we've done nothing to even slow down shrinking our military.  They shake their heads because it makes zero sense... and they're right.

Obama doesn't have a clue.  There's no one there and the lights are out.

On the plus side, democrats are likely to get slaughtered in a few weeks thanks to his rank stupidity.

On the minus side, tens of thousands more people are likely to be killed as a direct result of this scumbag's inaction and our growing weakness.

This isn't quantum physics.  Politics and nature abhor a vacuum.  and as this clown walks away from America's place in the overall scheme of things, others who we may not like are going to take our place.

And the world generally... plus the United States specifically, will wish they hadn't.

Every day that goes by while this idiot tries to talk them to death is another day of slaughtered innocents, muslim AND Christian, while this moron dithers.

Had he done the right thing in the first place, none of this would be happening.  And the right thing would have been to keep tens of thousands of troops IN Iraq as a stabilizing force until... or unless... the region stabilizes... even if that takes decades.

You know, like we did in Germany and Japan and the Philippines?

We are in a slow-motion, agonizing train wreck.  And our president is the engineer.

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