Friday, September 12, 2014

From David Madore: motives of the Charter supporters.

The vast majority of those pushing this scam never supported David Madore.  Their political hatred of the man, led in large part by the hate site on Facebook known as C3G2, is based on the differences between their perspective where agendas reign over the will of the people.

As a result, the lies and distortions they rely on to get this insanity passed so they can overturn the election of 2012 are not based by any measure on what is best for the people of Clark County... oh no.

It is, instead, based on their hatred of those who stand in the way of their utopia.  They routinely support the scum who ignore the votes of the people while hypocritically attacking Madore because he isn't doing or isn't fast enough to do what they want on the issue of fireworks, while they routinely oppose the overwhelming vote of the people on the issues THEY want.

Clearly, if the idea of completely revamping our county government is based entirely on partisanship and opportunism.  With hatred of Madore as the central focus, if this was such a great idea, then why is it that when the democrats controlled the commission, they not only made no such effort to rip our county government apart, but stopped any effort to even allow a charter as recently as 2012.

And that, for me, is the gapping whole in the entirety of this scam.

If this is the right thing to do... then how come the democrats didn't try and do it when THEY were in charge?

We all know the answer: it was because they WERE in charge... and the idea of voluntarily reducing THEIR authority when THEY are in charge is as likely as a spaceship landing in Esther Short Park.

David nails it with his take.  It's a perspective that is undeniable... as the same people who wasted $200 million on the CRC/Loot Rail scam, the same people who wanted to tax us for decades to pay for their ballpark, the same people who've attacked and belittled and tried to politically destroy want us to hang ourselves with this charter rope.

The Charter – a recipe for disaster:

Beware when the same players that continually dismiss our elections and force their will over the will of the voters, use the same deceptive tactics to give us an entirely new county government that promises better citizen representation.

Do not fall for their scheme to permanently silence citizens, strip citizen representatives of their power, and build a ...wall of separation between the people and their county government.

Click to enlarge the maps that expose the true colors of the charter pushers. The blue in the left map reveals the dramatic landslide where the voters said No to the CRC Light Rail Tolling project. Not only did the charter pushers spurn that election outcome, but they are still trying to resurrect the CRC to make Clark County Citizens the new tax base for financially troubled Portland TriMet.

The blue in the middle map shows where the voters said No to the C-Tran Bus Rapid Transit project to obviously defeat the ballot measure. Not only did the charter pushers spurn that outcome, but they voted to misappropriate the sales tax increase that they promised would not be used for High Capacity Transit.

The blue in the right map shows where the voters said Yes to the toll-free East County Bridge Project to obviously support it. Not only did the charter pushers dismiss that outcome, but even now after we have a beautiful design, a guaranteed price, a five year delivery commitment, and multi-year financial backing for the project, all at no cost to develop in comparison to their $200 million loss for a light rail bridge-too-low concept, they insist that it’s the CRC project or nothing.

Not only did the charter pushers sell out Clark County Citizens with a secret absolute and irrevocable TriMet contract that forfeits our private property eminent domain rights to TriMet under threat of a $5 million penalty, but these charter pushers are now pushing another TriMet contract that would transfer all C-Tran fare financial management to the financially troubled TriMet Light Rail transit agency.

These charter pushers have done everything they can to dismiss and sell out the citizens Clark County. We’ve won the CRC battle and we can win the BRT battle.

We’ve got a great county government. It’s not broke. Clark County is once again healthy, prospering and our jobs are now growing twice as fast as all of Washington and Oregon.

We are building new roads, adding smarts to scores of our traffic signals, our parks are in great shape and free to use with courteous ambassadors and fabulous lifeguards, we’re building new parks and trails, strengthening our Sheriff’s Department with 17 new officers and reopening the previously shuttered wing of our jail with 42 new beds, we’ve streamlined our permitting processes, made Clark County the most business friendly community on the west coast, and all while keeping a lid on taxes.

These charter pushers that dismiss the will of the people would turn our healthy county government on its head to more easily exploit the people. Rather than our county government continuing to effectively serve citizens with full time elected county commissioners working with staff to focus on making our customers successful, citizens would end up serving an unelected bureaucracy that counts part time councilmembers' involvement as interference.

The same tactics of deception that the charter pushers used to push the toxic CRC are being used to misrepresent this disastrous charter as better citizen representation. Their true track record of trampling the will of the people speaks for itself.

And that's the problem here: this is nothing about what they want to do FOR us: this is about what they want to do TO us.  And I'm not having it. 

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