Friday, September 26, 2014

September has been a tough month for the Lame Brain Shane Train.

Left to the sad device of having donors split donations with family members to show fake support, even then, the Gardner Campaign has only reported at total of 9 donations for the entire month of September... and 3 of those are from split families, so, that true number is actually six.

Gardner is, effectively, not only broke but in the hole, as of the last expenditure report (Gardner has raised $35,800 in cash but spent well more than that, but since he hasn't reported any September expenditures and Mains is wasting most of his money on a losing campaign, the number has got to be higher than that.) seriously in debt.

Clearly, Gardner's fund raising letter was either an abysmal failure or he hasn't bothered to report the results.  Either way, it's clear he has a better chance of winning the lottery than he does putting $50G together.

Meanwhile, the presumptive sheriff-elect, Chuck Atkins, has a somewhat different story to tell:

Donations: 57.  Split family donations: 1.

Even Betty Sue Morris and Tony Golik have donated to Chuck Atkins' campaign.

Chuck has raised $80,000 in cash.  He's showing about $20,000 on hand.

At this point, the clock is winding down, and it's like the Shane Train ain't got no coal, no tracks and no where to go.

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