Friday, September 19, 2014

I hope Shane Gardner didn't pay anyone for his fund raising letter.

This little tidbit was emailed to me today, and I could only shake my head in sadness that such a horrific effort would actually be sent out.

Gardner, of course, has acknowledged his own inexperience by going out and grabbing someone who knows absolutely nothing about Clark County has his presumptive undersheriff.

Like that makes any difference.

The letter is a mess.  It shouldn't have been single-spaced, for example.  That makes it difficult to read for those who have to grab reading glasses.

Second, exaggerating (Lying?) does not help you:  that you came in a distant second (Just like you'll come in a distant second in the general is not "amazing."  A distant second is, in fact, the first loser.

Third, your campaign has zero momentum.  Lying about that does not make it so, but your PDC's which have been pathetic since the primary and your lack of events scheduled since (all of one) in fact, shows just the opposite: you're dead in the water.

Atkins' PDC's show 46 different donations this month, since the first.

You show ZERO.

Tell me again: who's got the momentum?

Third, you wasted half of the $36,000 you babbled about (And it's always wrong to babble about how much you've spent) on Jim Mains... and that's like tossing it down a black hole.

Fourth. you have precisely ZERO "unique qualifications" to run the Sheriff's Office.  Nor do you have the maturity.

Fifth, most of your "support" comes from the same crew of fringe-left nutbergers who wanted to ram the CRC down our throats, ram the ballpark down our throats, and now want to ram this charter down our throats.  And that's hardly something to recommend you.

Sixth, confirming your lack of experience and knowledge about running this agency by going out of state to get a has been to provide you with some small amount of credibility gets you no where.

Seventh, your "non-partisan" shtick was a failed political ploy.  Several candidates have, of course, run as non-partisans in a wide variety of positions: Ed Owen ran that way before YOU did if memory serves, in THIS election.

Your hope was to round up the democrats and cherry pick independents.  But your sad campaign just hasn't worked out all that well.

Eighth, you have no hope of raising $50,000 in the last almost 40 days of this campaign.  You'll be lucky to call it good if you can jack $5,000.

I mean, I know Mains is expensive, but $50,000 worth?

I'm actually going to share why I oppose you to the hundreds of readers this blog has so that when the time comes, they'll do what most others are going to do, and vote for Chuck Atkins.

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