Friday, September 19, 2014

Local democrats continue to have no answer to cross-river transportation problems: Stonier gets stupid.

You been noticing this?

The local leftists have zero answer to the question... or variations of the question:  How do you fix our cross-river transportation problems.

When asked, for example, as a part of the side-by-side CVTV interview she had with Lynda Wilson, Monica Stonier gave a pathetic answer... but typical of the tripe the local left trowels out.
Monica, with the Columbia River Crossing now dead what steps should the legislature do to address the interstate transportation congestion over the Columbia River
Well we certainly have some, um, some relationships to rebuild. uh, I can say that for sure. 
Uh, We have a handful of local legislators that have, uh, burned a lot of bridges across the River with legislators in Oregon, and, quite frankly, have um, stained our reputation here in Southwest Washington, with the rest of the legislators statewide and in Washington. 
Some of us who have been able to continue the conversation, rather than be divisive, uh, will be at the table because, uh, I think we are we are we are more engaged in real conversations around solutions there. 
So we certainly need to start a communication with Oregon and make sure that it’s a real conversation about not only what our shared values are in the transportation package and what is best for the economy and also what is best for our communities and how both of those are honored in whatever proposal comes up.
You'll note, of course, that this empty-suited idiot DIDN'T ANSWER THE QUESTION.

No democrat ever does.  And folks, this is yet another sign that the CRC Scam is VERY MUCH ALIVE.

Not one thing she babbled addresses the issue.  Like every other democrat, all she can even attempt to do is trash the local legislators who actually represented their constituents in killing this scam.

And, like every other democrat, she fails to offer a single suggestion.

She offers no alternatives.  And none of them have... and none of them do.

And that makes the lot of them worthless.

I had heard that Stonier was a feckless, clueless empty suit.  I had no idea how empty that suit was until this very moment.

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