Friday, September 19, 2014

C3G2 hater Loren Sickles calls himself a drunk over one of my Reflector responses.

Hate is a tough way to live one's life.  It infests everything about you... just check out the fringe-left haters at C3G2.

One of those haters, someone named Loren Sickles (Appropriately enough) claims that I called him an "alcoholic" because I used the phrase in responding to his pro-charter inanity thus:
"In a sober moment, even you would admit that this charter wouldn't be on the ballot this, or any other election if the democrats had maintained control over the commission." ~ KHinton.

If, perhaps, the shoe fits, then he, perhaps, should wear it.

Even though I'm from a not particularly great school district, Seattle's to be exact, even *I* know that there is a definition of "sober" that has nothing to do with alcohol:

     ( sobers    3rd person present)   ( sobering    present participle)   ( sobered    past tense & past participle  )
2       adj   A sober person is serious and thoughtful.  
We are now far more sober and realistic..., The euphoria is giving way to a more sober assessment of the situation.     
  soberly      adv   usu ADV with v  
`There's a new development,' he said soberly.     
3       adj   Sober colours and clothes are plain and rather dull.   (=sombre)  
He dresses in sober grey suits., ...sober-suited middle-aged men.     
  soberly      adv   ADV with v  
She saw Ellis, soberly dressed in a well-cut dark suit.    

This must have stung ol' Loren.  But as much as he seems worried about booze, my remark had nothing to do with it.

And, of course, taking it a step further, ol' Loren doesn't dispute the basic premise: this whole thing is nothing BUT a partisan scam.

That said, he's right about one thing:
I know, not very civil of me, but l learned way back in middle school if you keep the crazy ones talking it just becomes more obvious to others.
That, of course, is why I do it.  Knocking these clowns off message is like a walk in the park.

Nothing to it, really.

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