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Lefty Lou goes full moron with his ongoing Madore jihad.

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We already know that this legalized coup attempt known as the Charter, is all about the left’s hatred of David Madore. This is all about reining him in and weakening him politically, because these people cannot win at the polls.

That this is obvious, is clear from the co-chair of the charter campaign, who though she was a County Commissioner for 12 years, made no such effort to completely restructured government, in any way that would have resulted in weakening her politically, or reducing her political power.

Certainly, then, if the structure was good enough for Betty sue Morris, then it’s good enough for me now.

As a result, one of the problems Lefty Lou has… And he does have many… Is that he has absolutely no credibility when it comes to matters concerning projects or taxes within the confines of Southwest Washington.

Lefty, who has advocated strongly over the years for some of the most devastatingly bad projects in this region’s history, including the CRC/loot rail scam, followed by the ballpark scam where integrity meant nothing to him, is motivated by his hatred of David Madore.

Today’s column is part of the insidious campaign, practice by leftists, where under the guise of “journalism”, Lefty continues his in–kind campaign against David Madore.
Now, today’s babble is about the East County bridge project.

Let me say at the outset that Lefty Lou, like everyone else in this country, is entitled to their own opinion. Much like I’m entitled to point out that his opinions, as warped as they are, are driven by his rank hatred of what he views as a political enemy. Madore’s an enemy because he has been successful at derailing lefty Lou’s agenda. And Rule Five-ing their enemies through ridicule, is all that the left has.

In this instance, the one glaring gaping hole that all leftists in the area have is a complete lack of alternatives.

Of course it’s easy for moron like Lefty Lou or Tim Leavitt or Craig Pridemore or Jim Moeller or any other leftists, to come out swinging against an idea that Commissioner Madore may have. And it really doesn’t matter what idea, or policy Madore has: good, bad, or indifferent, these slime will come out swinging against it because they hate the man.

Just like, it’s my privilege to point out that none of these clowns offer any kind of alternative.

Now I recognize why they fail to do that, and those reasons are at least twofold:

Reason number one: the CRC is not dead. Nothing about it is dead. What it is, is in something approaching suspended animation. Ultimately every leftist running for office down here, and every Leftist jock sniffer like Lefty Lou, has within them the strong hope that Republicans/conservative Democrats will lose control of the Senate, and open up the floodgates for idiotic projects like the multibillion-dollar slave-yoking CRC.

Because of reason number one, reason number two is simple: since the only thing these people are interested in is getting light rail into Clark County, reason number two is obvious.

Specifically, if the left were to offer any other alternative, they would have a split problem: specifically, that Republicans have already offered every possible solution for cross-river traffic issues. That means that any other solution that the Democrats would support would be reduced to the level of “me too”.

As a subset of that problem, the Democrats who would advocate additional solutions besides the CRC know that that would weaken the chance of bringing the CRC back to life. Since their sole focus continues to be on the CRC that eliminates any possibility of any of these clowns offering up any other possible solutions.

Lefty Lou is no exception. It’s easy for him to whine, bitch, moan and complain… But where he fails along with every other leftist, is he fails to provide any other solutions.
What Lefty should be doing is taking his own advice: don’t do stupid stuff.

More specifically: don’t print stupid stuff.

And unless Lefty or any other Democrat, none of whom have the courage to offer any other solution, can come up with alternatives, then they really don’t have anything to say about any project.

In one of the more idiotic aspects of Lefty Lou’s continued bleating about David Madore, is that all he’s doing is preaching to the choir. As the readership of his Izvestia Pravda continues to decline, he should know that he is preaching to the convinced.
I have to wonder, does he really think that the idiocy of his column today, has convinced anyone of anything except that he’s an ignorant jerk?

I haven’t read the comments underneath the story and I’m probably not going to bother to. But you know that the vast majority of them will be of the C3G2 Hater variety, the fringe left variety, and most certainly by people and never voted for Madore to begin with.

It’ll be just more of the amen choir. But none of them will offer any other solution. None of them.

Mark my words.

In fact, Lefty Lou’s horse is so dead, and beaten, that no one pays any attention.

Here’s what I know: the East County bridge advisory vote is going to pass. There’s nothing Lefty can do about it, because there’s nothing he will do about it.
Having destroyed his credibility on the CRC by lying, exaggerating, twisting, attacking, and supporting the Pit Yorkie’s virulent attacks against anyone opposed to their scam, Lefty Lou’s got no credibility in this community. I can already envision him filing Worker’s Comp. claim for the permanent shoulder damage that’s resulted from his incessant patting of himself on the back for accomplishments both real and imagined. (And by far, mostly imagined.)

But in the end, when this thing passes, you can expect that Lefty Lou will continue to bitch and piss and moan, all without offering any viable alternative of any kind.
And by “viable alternative,” I mean an alternative that the people of this County will actually support.

Because with the exception of the left and the Downtown Mafia that Lefty Lou so wears out multiple sets of kneepads for on a regular basis, he speaks for no one but himself.

That the people of this County are going to vote for this project, even in an advisory manner, is meaningless to him. He no more cares about the will of the people of this County than he cares about getting his hair color right.

Just for one example, Lefty Lou’s obsession with the I-5 bridge, which is doing perfectly well, is a revisionist history that reeks… positively reeks… with his hypocrisy.

If he wants to be beating somebody up over the I-5 bridge, then he needs to be beating up the Gov. of Oregon and the Gov. of Washington, neither one of whom would listen to the chorus down here that said: “get light rail off this bridge, and we can actually look at building it.”

The fact that Lefty Lou is stuck on replacing the I5 bridge, is illustrative. It’s a symptom of what the left is trying to do, by refusing to come up with any other viable alternative. With them, it’s the I-5 bridge and light rail or nothing. And they are out to punish anyone who stands in their way, from that goal.

So for them, the only project that they will support is one that replaces the I five bridge, brings light rail into Clark County, and yolks us with ever-increasing tolls starting with $2000 a year or more for each commuter for the indefinite future generally and at least four decades specifically.

You’ll note that it’s easy for Lefty Lou and those like him to support something that they are not going to have to pay for. The vast majority of the scum supporting the CRC scam, were never going to have to pay the tolls. That’s why I believe that each and every individual, who so rabidly supported the CRC scam, should volunteer to pay a tax, equal to the average yearly amount of money that commuters are gonna have to pay to cross that bridge just to go to work.

None of them of course will ever volunteer to do that.

So here’s some advice to Lefty Lou and those of his ilk:

Don’t like the East County bridge?

Then vote no. But I think that the days of the left ignoring the will of the people of this County?

I think those days may be over. Much like their days in power may be over.

And by the way Lefty, that Stonier just toed the leftist line, that’s no particular reason to vote for her. Because like you, she fails to offer up any alternative.

I always tell my clients when they’re running for office that it’s easy to say no. Lefty Lou says “no” all the time, when he doesn’t happen to like the item being discussed.

But where the rubber meets the road?

That’s where you come up with solutions as a part of your “no”. And that’s the part of the argument that the CRC scammers like Lefty Lou have yet to master: they always say “no”, but they never have anything else as an alternative. They start with the fallacious premise (“replacing the I5 bridge is the priority”… All the while leaving out the part that’s driven the entirety of this project: which is ramming light rail down our throats in Clark County.) And then doubled down on that, because in their world, there simply is no other alternative that they’re willing to discuss.

Ultimately, none of these clowns actually talk about this in their campaigns. Those that might, believe they have some sort of political death wish going on. So it keeps their lips sealed shut.

But what Lefty Lou doesn’t get is that the people of the 17th district hated the CRC is much as everyone else in the County, since as he may recall, only five precincts in the entire County out of over 200 actually supported it. And that includes the entirety of the 17th district.

So yeah, as far as that goes, I agree with them: the voter should decide which candidate has the better handle on this issue.

And that of course, is Lynda Wilson. Stonier doesn’t care what the people of her own district want when it comes to issues like transportation. Because if she did care, she wouldn’t be such a bitch about the CRC scam. And, she’d have different solutions: of which she has none.

In closing, one only has to ask themselves this question: if this advisory vote were on an issue that Lefty Lou and the downtown Mafia actually supported… Do you think we would see Lefty trowling out any of this garbage?

Of course not.

But hypocrisy is always been how Lefty Lou has rolled.

This then, is just Lefty… Doing that.

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