Thursday, September 18, 2014

Acting against the NFL on the domestic violence issue.

It's a fact: the ONLY thing the NFL will listen to is the bottom line.

After the Ray Rice debacle broke out, hundreds of women wore Ray Rice jerseys to the next game, Baltimore/Pittsburgh.

What kind of message did that send?

This weekend, the stadium seats will be jammed with tens of thousands of women across the country... women who, on one hand, would obviously condemn the actions of Ray Rice or Adrian Petersen... but then who, on the other, will do nothing that makes any difference.

Well, as it is, we weren't planning on going to any NFL games this year, so we did the next best thing: we signed up for DirecTv's "Sunday Ticket," a plan that allows us to watch any game being played, essentially.

Last year, it was $199... this year, it was $239.  Over a 17 weeks season, not a bad deal all in all.

And then this Rice/Harder/Petersen thing happened, and the NFL looked like a bunch of  democrats at a Klan convention.

Well, my wife put it best:
Danielle Hinton  3 hrs ·Many of you know I am a rabid football fan. And more importantly I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Which means if I want to watch my team play every week. I have to pay for the NFL Sunday Ticket. I have happily paid for it, for the last 3 years. But not this year. I am so disgusted by the behavior that has been displayed lately by the players, owners, and Roger Goodell, that we cancelled our subscription yesterday. I realize my 240$ will not even be a drop in the bucket of the mega billion dollar industry that they are. But I refuse to give them another dime until they make some substantial changes to the way they behave, and the way they allow these men to behave off the field.
I support this 1000%

In the end, our gesture won't mean much.  But if 100,000 people cancel their programming... and 500,000 women get rid of their tickets and refuse to go back... and then if 1,000,000 women protest outside these stadiums when these thugs play... then and only then will the NFL make any substantive differences in how they do business on this issue of abuse.

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