Thursday, September 18, 2014

Today's quiz question for charter supporters: when this fails, would you be willing to try again with a "clean" charter?

I have always supported a charter until this effort.  It bastardizes the process and bypasses the same requirements they would place on us: namely requiring us to get 37000 signatures to get something on the ballot, the 20% signature requirement when the rest of the state requires only 8% of the gubernatorial votes to qualify a state wide initiative for the ballot.

It's complete partisanship, a coup masquerading as a ballot measure.  And it's not going to pass.

When it fails, would these people support an effort for a "clean" charter?

Would they support a charter that doesn't change government in any way, but which would give the people the right of initiative and referendum at the statewide level of 8% of the gubernatorial.

I'd love to know that.

I doubt that any will respond, because their answer would be an overwhelming NO.

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