Thursday, September 18, 2014

When hatred guides your politics.

So, the democratian has trumpeted their interpretation of A study from the US Census Bureau.

And the haters rolled out and blamed all of that on David Madore.

That's what hatred does for you.

There has been a substantial amount of good economic news since Madore became a commissioner, which was in January, 2013.

That's right: Madore had not even been in office for a year when this study was done and it includes nothing from THIS year: and, in fact, democrats controlled the entirety of the county commission over the entire time period from 2009 through 2013.

In fact, this study covers the "reign" of Steve "I only speak for Steve" Stuart and Marc "Whatever you want, Steve" Boldt.

The haters, naturally, will blame all of this on Madore.  They will remain silent about Stuart.

When you practice the politics of hate like the CRC Scammers, the C3G2 haters and the Charter shillers, they will blame everything bad on Madore and go out of their way to tell us that nothing good that happens is a result of anything he's done.

Because lies?

Well, that's just how they roll.

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