Sunday, August 03, 2014

With a psycho like Lefty, it's all about if he "likes" you.

But then, anyone reading our resident neo-communist propagandist are already aware of that.

For example, among those proven to be personally hated by Brancaccio are, of course, myself... Peter Van Nortwick... Don Benton... Brent Boger and the-psychotically-hated-by-Lou David Madore.

Once you make it to Lou's "hate list," you stay there.  Once you're on that list, nothing you do can get you off it.

For the past few years, Commissioner Madore has taken residence on that list, the highest profile target of Lefty's life.

Establishing the "hatred baseline," which for Lou means he can be the biggest punk on the playground with barrels of ink at his disposal, unaccountable to those he would destroy or, apparently, anyone else for that matter, Lou sets off to manipulate the masses with his, fortunately for us all, increasingly unimportant effort.

In the political realm, there are certain realities that Lefty doesn't care about.

He'd have made a great czar or some other form of dictator: unfortunately for us all, his arrogance isn't matched by his intelligence.

He's made it clear that the will of the people of this county is a meaningless when it conflicts with his views: he's made it clear that if you're a leftist engaging in either illegal behavior (Jim Jacks) or ego-maniacal arrogant behavior (Jim Moeller) why, you get a pass.

What would the reaction of the left be if this particular shoe had been on the other foot?

What if Lefty treated the leftists the same way he treats most everyone else to the right of Stalin?

They'd come after him like the colonists came after tax collectors.

Which brings us to today's column.

Like something on the order of  95% of Lefty's columns, this was the typically partisan hate fest that he always writes about Madore... that he always HAS written about Madore.

The single-mindedness of Brancaccio's hatred shows a level of obsession that anywhere else, might be the basis for civil commitment.  Here, of course, it's what laughingly passes as "journalism."

Meanwhile, the left has been silent, save for their efforts to torpedo anything not resembling bringing light rail into Clark County.

In reality, the cross river transportation issues which would have been unresolved by replacing the I-5 Bridge ANYWAY, remain unresolved... and the left offer nothing in terms of alternatives.

Because, of course, they don't WANT any alternative.  Their defeat on the CRC Scam is like any other defeat the left has ever suffered: a mere temporary setback where they count on the right eventually caving.

So, they now all express concerns over issues concerning the East Side bridge in ways that never entered their minds during the horror of the CRC Scam.  Their concerns are... refreshing, albeit a decade too late.

I find their new-found concern over finances rather amusing in reviewing the tape of the meeting: Stonier was a laugh riot given her silence over the waste of CRC billions that never seemed to bother her in the least before.

And Lefty is firmly cemented into that camp, primarily because it serves his purposes to have their support as he attempts to reshape the government of the county into his vision... like his vision isn't a nightmare.

As I read the column that was sent to me this morning (What... you think I'd ever PAY for his garbage?) I was again struck by the depth of Lefty's hatred of Madore.

The most obvious fallacy that Lefty put out this time is this:
"There are more pressing needs, like replacing the I-5 bridge."
There is precisely zero need to replace the I-5 bridge.  Zero.

Ed Barnes can lie his ass off... on camera... About the condition of the I-5 Bridge (Which he believes will literally fall into the river any day now... or so he says) and Lefty doesn't even mention that. Because, as always, lying in Lefty's world is swell when you lie the right way for his causes.

When the Charter effort is crushed this year and we have to go through it again next year, will the left get it?

When Craig Pridemore is destroyed at the polls this November, will he finally come to understand?

Will Melissa Smith of the Camas City Council ever actually read the Bill of Rights?

And while every one of those questions needs to be answered before this community can get behind the East County project, that was NEVER a problem for Brancaccio when it came to the CRC... which he lied about repeatedly, put bogus polls up about repeatedly and now, punishes David Madore repeatedly because in the end, Madore got his way... and Brancaccio didn't.

And, if the world were run by the few who actually subscribe to Brancaccio's swindle sheet, I'm sure it would look different indeed.

Fortunately for the people of this county, it isn't.

Senator Ann Rivers is a force of political nature.

Frequently credited with the death of the CRC/Loot Rail project in the legislature, Sen. Rivers is the only person I have ever seen who opposes the majority of Brancaccio's positions on most issues yet, he fails to trash her since his rather abortive efforts 4 years ago.

Sen. Rivers, with the assistance of Rep. Liz Pike (Brandon Vick has been nowhere to be found) has been instrumental in an effort at rapprochement with Oregon on the issue of cross-river transportation projects, namely, additional bridges.  ALL efforts are on the table, save for the CRC/Loot Rail scam redux.

Meanwhile, Rivers' questions amount to a continuation of the discussion.  And regardless of how that turns out, that's the main difference between Madore's bridge effort and the horrific waste of billions the CRC Scam represented: with that project, there was zero discussion.  Decisions were made by people who did not care what we wanted as they all did their miniature Vlad Putin imitations without the follow-through.

Further, there really is no need to parse Rivers' words:
So I directly asked her if she would be voting for Madore's upcoming advisory for an east county bridge. Rivers said a lot of answers would have to come first before she'd think about voting yes: 
"There are far too many questions that must be answered before I can decide how I'm going to vote. We need to know if we're going to have Oregon buy-in and we need some numbers about financing. We need to know what Plan B is if no significant dollars come from the state. 
"We also need to know, by the numbers, if this project is going to address concerns about congestion relief, freight mobility commute time reduction and economic development." 
OK, that sounds like a "no" to me. Why? Because if Rivers gets all those answers before the November advisory vote and those answers make sense, well, paint me purple and call me Barney.
And here's Brancaccio's basic problem... and the reason why he is so ineffective on the issue of Madore.

The problem Brancaccio has is that no matter WHAT Madore does... Brancaccio will condemn him... and his fellow leftists will be right there with him.

See, it does NOT "sound like a 'no'" to anyone else.  And, of course, Lou WANTS it to "sound like a 'no,'" so, voila'... he makes it a "no."

What it sounds like to me is that Rivers did a good job in raising these issues.  They WILL have to be answered... and answering them over the next two months before ballot drop would be very helpful in making a decision... but there's no "no" there save for the one Lou wants to be there.

Just keep in mind that fact that like all local haters-of-Madore, the answers won't matter to those with noses bent out of shape over the exposure and loss of the CRC Scam... facilitated in large part both by Sen. Ann Rivers AND the same David Madore that Lou would be thrilled to see being run over by a TriMet bus.

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