Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ed Barnes: Commissioner and psychopathic liar.

So, I was reviewing the briefing last night when uber fringe-leftist union thug and county commissioner began to babble about his favorite obsession:  (Right around the 2 hour mark)
Barnes:  So, I’m just trying to be honest with everybody here, just like I was with Linda in them this morning. There needs to be people working together in order to be, in order to make this happen but the problem is the I five bridge, the bridge is about ready to come down, the trunnion up on top is in bad shape, 
Benton: that is simply not true, simply not true, simply not true. 
Barnes: in the bridges leaning, supposedly 1 inch, that’s the reason the rollers don’t line up, breaking the rollers on those cables were running up and down; there’s a lot of problems with those bridges, no safety pull offs there, we’ve had the opportunity I sat on the I5 partnership study with the, some other folks in this room here, for two years where we studied the bridge.  
How do we know Barnes is lying?

His lips move.

And when he says: "I’m just trying to be honest with everybody here..."

He's failing.  It seem's he's genetically incapable of telling the truth.

Obviously, the guy's a lunatic.  But most leftists are.

No wonder the C3G2 haters love the guy so much.

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Lew Waters said...

Funny how these choo choo worshipers keep crying how unsafe that bridge is, but not one calls for closing it to keep people safe.

And every one of them still misses they could have had a new bridge almost completed if not for "no light rail, no bridge" that they all supported.