Sunday, July 27, 2014

The disappearing Jamie Herrera act.

As the nation and, as far as that goes, both domestic and foreign policy continues to crumble around us, the rudderless congressional representation 700,000 or so of us are cursed with continues to fade into the background even further.

Where is she on the complete obliteration of this nation's immigration laws?

Where is she on the 3rd Bridge?

Where is she on the newly announced loss of 1/3rd of family net worth under her "leadership?"

Where is she on Russia invading Ukraine?

Where's she at on Israel defending itself from terrorists?

Where is she on the massacre of 300 or so in the Malaysian airliner?

Where is she on Obama's abdication?

Where is she on Keystone?

Where is she Benghazi?

Where is she on the IRS abuse?

Where is she on the debt, Obamacare, women in Combat Arms, gays in the military, illegal alien amnesty?

Where is she, period, besides shooting selfies by crashing the White House Super Bowl party?

Why is she such a coward on the issue of town hall meetings?

I'm sure her handlers have cranked out a few press releases on a few of these subjects... but not a lot on most of them.

And that's shy I can't vote for her.

Unfortunately, Dingethal isn't any better: mouthing Wasserman-Shultz talking points by the truckload, even though democrats have abandoned him and have declared his race "unwinnable."

I voted Mickey Mouse in the congressional race this ballot.  I'm likely to move towards Donald Duck on the next.

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