Saturday, July 26, 2014

Haters gotta hate: C3G2 haters whine, but offer no alternatives save their obsession on the CRC Scam.

Even at this late date, the scum who did all they could to ram their multi-billion dollar waste of money (AKA, the CRC Scam) down our throats, belittling and attacking opponents every step of the way, have nothing to offer when it comes to alternatives.

Further, we know that no matter what Madore comes up with as an idea, these same fringers will attack it... with lies, distortions and exaggerations... all while offering exactly nothing else as an alternative, save their incessant whining about the CRC Scam.

Yesterday, Sen. Ann "CRC Killer" Rivers chaired a meeting in commissioner chambers where a design-build east county bridge project was offered up for consideration and discussion.

Oddly, there was a great deal of concern from the scum who were defeated in their attempts to rape this community's checkbook over their light rail project as to how the ECP (East County Project) would be paid for... concern they never seemed to show when it was THEIR rip off under the microscope.

As I sit here writing this, I haven't read any of the story or comments, nor have I read the inevitable garbage the C3G2 hate site will be troweling out... but you can bet the following:

1.  They will oppose anything Madore tries to do.
2.  They will hypocritically question everything, and will not be satisfied with the answer no matter what it is, and,
3.  They will offer precisely zero alternative, save for babbling more lies about the I-5 Bridge falling into the river.

Let's see, shall we?

Of the comments under the article in the rag, the following are from those who, at this writing, are claiming opposition to the ECP and who also are members of the C3G2 hate group:

Rory Bowman
Linda Tubbs
Jack Burkman
Ron Goodman

At a minimum, Jim "Molehill" Moeller should be at least an honorary member: and these mentioned here all have things in common:  They're all fringe-left whack jobs, they're all still pissed that their carefully-laid plans to screw this county on their CRC/Loot rail scam have blown up in their faces and, of course, none of them offer any alternative whatsoever.

They don't offer one because of two things: they have none TO offer, and because they, like every democrat running around here, remain fixated on the CRC scam... even though the people have repeatedly made it clear that we do not want it.

After all, neo-communists such as these are all from the Steve "I only speak for Steve" Stuart school of politics, so favored by their hero, Stalin.

The count of hate over at C3G2 is, so far, about 92 comments... and, as expected, zero alternatives... and also as expected, most of them from are few people.

Bully Loserham, one of the haters, stupidly tells us:

  • Maureen Winningham I attended the meeting and Tolls were discussed - A lot! I suspect that this will be a toll road, for profit private venture proposal. This has been going on in Texas for years. But it misses the point that Ed Barnes made - the I5 bridge is not going away.
  •  And Mussolini Mikey Briggs weighs in:

  • Mike Briggs Nothing will happen on an east county bridge until the I-5 crossing is addressed.

  • Oddly, Mussolini seems to forget the I-5 CRC Scam HAS been addressed: the people "addressed" it and then, "rejected his scam."  But his continued obsession about it... along with Bully's OCD on the subject?

    That's just more proof that neither is fit for election in the 18th District.

    All of that said, anyone sober enough to watch this drama knew going in that the haters would hate; offer precisely zero of any constructive nature, offer no alternatives and stick to their bizarre demands that we destroy a paid-for, functional bridge for the exclusive purpose of bringing in the hated loot rail rip off into Clark County.

    It's as predictable as a clock.

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