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Blog Talk: Lefty Lou Brancaccio reaches the pinnacle of hypocrisy.

As the biggest nut in the bag of fringe-left nutters, Lefty Lou Brancaccio has no peers.

His hatred of David Madore is the stuff of legends.  His hatred, in fact, of anyone strongly opposed to either his world view or agenda is obvious.

The idea, however, that HE would complain about what HE sees as Madore's effort to "manipulate" US is both demeaning to the people of this county AND the height of Brancaccio's own fringe-left hypocrisy.

Ever since this scumbag was unfortunate enough to darken the collective doorway of this community, he has made every effort to attack, belittle, insult, talk down to and berate us into doing it HIS way.

The problem with that is Lefty's auto-assumption that he's just naturally smarter than we are, a left-over of his Rahm Emanuel-esque days in Chicago.

He has, in fact, spent years and years trying to do what he claims Madore is doing.

And his hypocrisy comes in right there.

You see, if you're an ego-maniac like Brancaccio, your vision of utopia is the only one allowed and we, the people, have no say.  So, everything this narcissistic clown writes is done to back up that vision.

His jihad against Madore, for example.

He hates Madore.  He hates Madore with a passion that is all too typical of the leftist/neo-communists infesting us: just head on over to the C3G2 hate site to see his ilk.

His hatred of Madore is so obvious and so over the top and so sick that only a few of his fellow fringe-leftist whack jobs can respond to it, while most people recoil... not from Madore, but from Brancaccio and the left's hatred.

He doesn't think he can win on the merits... so he uses hatred to score points.

Not unlike, come to think of it, Hitler manipulated the Germans by using the Jews as scapegoats... that's what Brancaccio's attempting to do with Madore.

The outcome for us surely won't be the same as it was for the Jews under Hitler, but the mode and the mean of the effort?

Word for word, the same.

Instead of discussing issues, Lefty sinks to the Hitlerian level of discussing Madore as a person.

He attacks Madore in every imaginable way over every imaginable issue.

No lie he won't tell.  No exaggeration he won't engage in.  No deliberate omission of facts that do not support his hatred that Brancaccio won't use.

But here's the bottom line: this scumbag, like all other leftists in this community, offer precisely zero alternatives when it comes to cross-river transportation issues in this community.


And they don't want any other discussion because they remain fixated on continuing on with the CRC and nothing BUT the CRC.

In Lefty's "mind," there is no other alternative.  And in his mind, unless and until the CRC or something close to it happens, everything else is off the table.

So, for years, he lied about the CRC.  For years he left out facts about the CRC.  For years, he ignored the policies of deleting public input.  For years he exaggerated.  For years, he attacked.  For years he insulted.  For years, he belittled.

And for years, he ignored the will of the people of this county, going so far as to do everything HE could to make sure that we had no incontrovertible way to express that will.

And that's yet another sign of how much the left hates the will of the people when that will opposes THEIR vision.

The rest of the country crumbles.  The Vancouver Soviet hands out pay raises to the city manager that are big enough to fund another employee.  And yet, relative to his jihad against Madore, he writes essentially nothing.

County wide, economic news around here looks pretty good: the left spends a great deal of time and effort either ignoring the causes or going out of their way to tell us that Madore had nothing to do with that.

The hatred by the left is what drives policy around here... as Lefty's column proved, once again, today.

We've reached the point where it doesn't matter what Madore proposes, fringe-leftist nutjobs like Brancaccio will attack it out of their cellular level hate.

As a I've pointed out, if Madore found a cure for cancer, this slime would bitch about the shape of the test tubes he used.

Meanwhile THEY, of course, will remain silent on what THEY would do about cross-river transportation.

They offer nothing.  They have no vision, no ideas, no clue... just a dogged determination to block anything Madore proposes no matter what.

Reasonable people have long since concluded that is the basis for this continual, incessant whining.

The LAST thing Brancaccio and the left want is ANY kind of undeniable measurement of or by the people that shows the will for the citizens of this county does not, in fact, coincide with the will of the downtown mafia.

I support the East County Bridge.  I would support a West County Bridge.  And if necessary, I would support tolls for those projects as well, as long as they were small and as long as 205 and 5 remain toll free.

I would support ANY project, save for replacing the I-5 Bridge that doesn't bring the hated loot rail into Clark County.

And among the many problems leftists like Brancaccio have is people like me pointing out the obvious: Ever since Lefty got here, he has been doing all he can to achieve different ends the same way he alleges Madore has.

He just hates the outcomes of his efforts, which have, primarily, been zero.  And, per force, he hates those who've played a major role in those outputs.

Maybe Lefty ought to sit back and ponder why that is, instead of wasting all this ink calling the people of Clark County idiots... like he did today.

When the Charter fails, which will be the likely outcome, will Lefty view it for what it is: a repudiation of leftist efforts to change our government based ENTIRELY on their hatred of David Madore?

Will his pin-head explode?

When Pridemore gets his ass kicked like a jackhammered chunk of sidewalk, will Lefty and the other neo-communists finally get it?

Here's a clue, Lefty: treating us like we're idiots or stupid because you, as the smartest guy in the room (Your situational ethics notwithstanding) really isn't the best business model.


If you want to have impact in this community as a county, then you had better stick entirely to issues and leave personalities out of it.

And you'd better have your facts... ALL of the facts, even those who oppose your perspective, ready to discuss.

Because your lies of both co-mmission and O-mission are what makes you such a fricking buffoon.

Lew Waters sums it up best by reminding Lefty of a little something he wrote in the past:

Lew Waters commented on an article.
54 mins · 
Bypassing Leavitt as the County's largest flip flopper, Lou?
“To not have an advisory vote on this huge issue is disenfranchising to the community.” Lou Brancaccio, March 12, 2011 editorial "Let the Community Be Heard"
As for who is really trying to manipulate anybody, all one has to do it review the plethora of anti-Madore/Mielke editorial you have written in the last year.
You're a grade A hypocrite.
Have you heard about it? Sure you have. It's the proposed east county bridge and yet another advisory vote to see if we like it.
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