Friday, August 22, 2014

Will Bully Winningham ever learn?

So, she's babbling about the democratian's cheap shot on Liz:

All the while neglecting to mention that part of her "executive" duties involve providing training... for the 50,000 jobs her employer has outsourced.

But here's a little snippet this mental case doesn't want you to see... and naturally the democratian won't mention it... but what was Bully Loserham's response to the question "...for McCleary, do we need to raise taxes?"

Bully, being as psychopathic as she is, fails to answer.

The democratian, BEING the hypocrites they are, apply one standard to Our Liz, and a completely different standard to the narcissistic liar running against her.

Odd, isn't it?

And man, it didn't take long for Dake to join the democratian hate train, did it?

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