Friday, August 22, 2014

The Number One reason to oppose the Charter Scam

While there are a wide variety of reasons to trash this hideous assault on democracy, here's the one that grabs my attention the most:

Your attention is drawn to the last line of Section 7.2.A, Initiative Limitations.
The following are limited by state or federal law or court interpretations and may not be proposed or adopted by initiative. 
6.  Amending or repealing this Charter.
Excuse me?  Where the hell does it say THAT?

These scum are trying to tell us that this idiocy, that THEY claim makes government BETTER... more TRANSPARENT and all of that CANNOT BE CHANGED BY INITIATIVE?

Screw this.

If there was nothing else wrong with this stupidity, and there is a great DEAL wrong with it, I would oppose this garbage based on this alone.

Not only no, but HELL no.  A THOUSAND times no.  And those shilling this garbage want it this way as their road to cement power... when this section alone removes ALL power from the citizens of this county. making us utterly worthless to their agenda... whatever that may be. 

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Webmaster said...

Kelly, just an FYI that the charter is amended via the charter amendment process, not the initiative process. See section 9.5 on page 13 of the charter for how the public gathers signatures and puts a proposed charter amendment on the ballot. In practice this works almost exactly the same as an initiative, only slightly different for technical reasons.


Randy Mueller