Friday, August 22, 2014

The Results Show - Clark County GOP to Kimsey on the Charter Scam: "No, thanks."

Suffering yet another blow to their practically non-existent chance to engage in a legalized political lynching based on their partisan hatred, Greg Kimsey took one right between the eyes when the Clark County GOP told the Pro-Charter scammers generally and Greg Kimsey specifically to get bent.

It was a robust, SRO crowd of PCOs at the main Vancouver library's Columbia Room for the CCGOP's quarterly meeting, where at least 4 different resolutions were to be floated, dealing with Core Curriculum, I-591 (Pro-Gun Initiative) I-594 (Gun Grabber Initiative) and the reason I was there, to observe the action on the resolution to oppose the Charter Scam.  (As a brief aside, I was sure I saw the ghost of Brandon "Lumpy" Vick there, walking around, trying to find a chair, ala the Convention disaster of 2012 at the Hilton)

As I anticipated, the pro-Charter side wanted to make an effort to derail the local GOP's desire to take a stand.  But that effort wasn't even half-hearted.  Clearly, the writing was on the wall.

Since the inception of the pro-charter lynch mob, their fallacious stance has been an effort to punish this county for voting in two conservative commissioners who failed to view the downtown mafia with the proper degree of awe and acquiescence.   As a result, these two commissioners were then instrumental in jamming the proverbial stick into the downtown mafia's proverbial spokes by out-working, out-thinking, out-hustling and depending on a system where the voice of the people actually does reign supreme... even if that voice conflicts with the self-righteous, "smartest guy in the room, they're too stupid to figure it out" attitude that these down-towner elitists hold so near and dear.

The people behind this effort are among the richest this community has to offer.  They have done polling, which they have illegally failed to report so they won't have to disclose how badly they're getting their collective ass kicked among the voting public of this county.  They already know, based on the polling that they won't release (Always a bad sign... for them) that they are getting hammered along with their boy Pridemore.

And those who've coughed up this cash?

They have an axe to grind the size of Pittsburgh... against our commissioners.  And instead of going through an election cycle and taking these two on directly, they're writing checks while leftist sheeple do their dirty work as they lie to us about the motives for their actions as well as lying to us over the impacts of this idiocy.

They figure they can pull out their check books, tap into the psychotic hatred of, say, Brancaccio and the leftist sheep he can whip up at a moment's notice and voila'!

Instant new county government!  And more importantly to them, reduced impact of conservatives, as they write even more and bigger checks to resume control over what  would amount to the new, utterly worthless, advisory board.

You know the much more pliable variety... the entirely owned by the downtown mafia variety... the variety they had before... before the people rose up and took it away from them last November of 2012.

And, of course, that brings me to the number one reason to be suspicious of all of this: the fringe-leftists so rabidly supporting it.

Leftists like Freeholder Jim Mains, who have the integrity of a snake and who would sell his soul for the downtown mafia.  And, of course, one Freeholder Marc Boldt, who may just have had the tiniest reason to want to "get" the man who ousted him from office... vote of the people and abandoned by that same left notwithstanding.

Did I mention that Mains was one of the reasons Boldt got clobbered... as a consultant to his campaign and all?  Did I mention that in 2012, Boldt was the only incumbent who lost?  Did I mention that Boldt was the only elected Republican I knew of who publicly supported the CRC/Loot Rail scam while ridiculing efforts generally and lying to me personally about holding a countywide advisory vote on the CRC?  And did I mention that Mains told the world that my political opposition to Boldt was a result of me being paid by Madore?  Did I mention that Mains is so full of crap his eyes are brown?

Did I mention that Boldt didn't bother to show up last night... and neither did Mary Benton?

I'm pretty much going to be opposed to anything Main supports.  That said, if I had never heard of Mains, this turd would still fall of its own weight.

That brings us to the highest profile GOP Shill, one Greg Kimsey.

Greg, among others, has visions of climbing up out of their office to bigger and better things.  He seems to believe that he'd make a fine candidate for Uber Councilor, or whatever they're planning on calling the position?

Or maybe, just maybe, Greg thinks he can get the head executive spot with its nebulous pay scale (And did we not just see the similarly situated morons on the Vancouver Soviet City Council give their city manager a WHOLLY unneeded $30,000 pay raise.) as these people continue the lie that somehow, some way, this is going to SAVE us money...

Last night, the results of that self-delusion came crashing down.  Kimsey has, essentially, zero support among the people of the GOP... and the Democratian, who printed something of a bizarre article concerning GOP "moderates" winning in the PCO races, should now stop and ponder the folly of their perceptions.

I have been and remain a harsh critic of the local party organization: the only real measure of whether the regime change was called for or not is effectiveness.  And in this case, "effectiveness" means making it happen at the ballot box.

Last night, the side opposing the charter was dramatically more effective than the side supporting the charter.      They had their ducks lined up, as well as their speakers.  The Charter supporters gave precisely zero reasons to oppose the resolution.  Their effort was as pathetic as the idiocy they're shilling.   Political philosophies aside, the group running the resolution in opposition to the charter scam were well organized and the plan was obviously well thought out.

And as a result, this is a black eye that will rightfully help to total the effort of the fringe-left to undo the elections where the people have spoken... not that they care when it's inconvenient.  

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