Friday, August 15, 2014

Today's C3G2 lies.

So, at the C3G2 hate site, in their "about us" section, these lies are promulgated:

Melissa Smith is, of course, one of the biggest mouths in the hater's site: somehow, this ignorant clown, who doesn't know anything about the Constitution, and who the people of Camas are ignorant enough to elect to the council (I guess we'll have to do something about THAT) is working to reinforce these two lies:
This is the Public Facebook page for Clark County Citizens for Good Governance (C3G2). The C3G2 Facebook page is open to any citizen interested in or wishing to engage in public discourse on issues involving Clark County governments and elected officials.
First, myself, Lew Waters, Robert Dean and Commissioner David Madore have been banned from this page, even though neither Waters nor Madore have ever posted on it.

So, for the purposes of accuracy, it should say "any citizen who agrees with our hatred and political partisanship interested in or," etc.

But when the basis for your actions is partisan hatred, and you're frightened at the efforts to expose your true motives and intentions, I suppose that your hypocritical position on banning is to be expected. Further, you're naturally not going to allow the object of your hatred, Commissioner Madore, to have any say on your page... even though you bitch... and whine... and moan... when he responds in kind by banning members of this hate group from posting on HIS facebook page.

And then this lie:
Our members are of a wide variety of political interests and affiliations, right, left and center, as well as those who are independent.
When you read the hatred radiating from those who comment on this post, and you see the double-standard these scum engage in, you know then, that the vast majority of those slime hanging out here are, in fact, of the fringe-left nut variety... such as the militantly stupid Smith.

The entire basis of this organization, from the name to the stated purpose is a lie.  This is as much a democrat front group as the German Bund was a front for Nazi's.

That they have to lie about it speaks for itself.

And that these scum so rabidly support the legalized coup known as the Charter scam, is reason enough to vote against it by itself.

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