Friday, August 15, 2014

Money dries up for the M&M Twins.

As expected, since their humiliation in the primary, the money has dried up for Mussolini Mikey Briggs and Maureen "Bully" Winningham.

Mussolini, who scammed a paltry gender-based 37% of the vote, is going to get crushed as badly as democrats running in the 18th typically do as the electorate has seen through his rabid CRC/Loot rail and "strong voice for fringe-left nutters" campaign scam has raked in a whole $275 since he was destroyed a few days ago... in an abysmal effort that has totaled $11,145 since it started... with a campaign deeply in debt and deeply out of pocket because no one will give him any money.

It's just a shame that Vick, who is certainly nothing to brag about as an incumbent, can go on vacation for the next 3 months (Not unlike the vacation he's been on for the past 2 years, come to think of it,) and flatten Mussolini like a pie crust.

Bully Loserham?  She hasn't seen much better as her campaign of lies and vitriol has gotten her exactly where I repeatedly warned these nutburgers that it would: nowhere.  She's been damned by faint praise from the 2 unions for a TOTAL of $350, and one fringe-left nutter for $75... a total of $425.

Fortunately for us all, the pain will be over in 80 odd days or so, and these two can go back to the mental masturbation that has marked their abysmal political existence before they stupidly thought they could win this campaign.

The 18th District remains securely in GOP hands and we will remain secure here as the people will once again have provided a lesson the left seems incapable of learning here:  we don't want your CRC. We don't want your loot rail.  We don't want your income tax.

Well, we don't want you.

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