Sunday, July 06, 2014

Why do the C3G2'ers have to lie?

Having been outed as a leftist hate group concerned only with removing David Madore and, to a lesser degree, Tom Mielke from office... or by reducing their ability to govern through their Neo-Communist Manifesto (aka, the Charter)... it seems they can bitch... and whine... and moan... monumentally... but why do they have to lie?

One of the chief haters, Ron Goodman (Who a few days ago threatened David Madore with a 2X4 "upside his head") is a liar of essentially pathological proportions.

Here's but a few examples over his rant of June 30:

One of my fave's:
We do value people's time and have excluded a limited number of people (3-4: Hinton, Waters, Dean) who have a history of hijacking threads, 'over-contributing' and consuming all the oxygen, defamatory comments or personal slurs, or the above-noted attacks by generalization: the characteristic of lumping people into categories and then making wild generalizations about the category: "your ilk [there's that term again] or your sort always lie."  
There are lies both of commission and omission.  In this case, the lie is of omission because, while he does mention that I, along with Lew Waters and Robert Dean are banned (Yeah, that 1st Amendment thing only does work one way in the mind of a leftwing whack job) he FAILS to mention that Madore is ALSO banned and has been for quite some time.

Now then.  Why would this guy lie about that?

Is it because it would serve to discredit him due to their hypocrisy?

No matter: Goodman, besides his peculiar fringe-left ideology, is no idiot.  His failure to mention that Madore was also banned wasn't an oversight.  It was deliberate.

And another:
Sunday night, David Madore banned members of this Facebook group in wholesale terms from commenting on his county Facebook profile. He set that Facebook profile up as an individual, but he has since made it his conduit for two-way communication with constituents on county business and accesses it on County time from county computers or using the county's Internet servers.
Of course, Goodman has no idea how or under what circumstances Madore comments on his own... private... facebook page... but he complains that Madore has banned the group that has banned him from THEIR own... private... facebook page.

Hypocrisy, your name is Goodman.
His Sunday night actions are reminiscent of Richard Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre, when Nixon dismissed the Special Prosecutor investigating Watergate, after both the Attorney General and the Deputy Attorney General resigned rather than issue the order firing the prosecutor.
So, let me get this straight.

A guy wants to control access to his own private facebook page... and that's comparable with Nixon's minor efforts as President?

If those actions upset Goodman, he ought to be ready to burn the entire current Administration down to ashes... except, like him, they're populated by fringe-left haters... and he could never hold them to the same standard he would hold anyone on the right... would he?

This goes to the heart of the hater's hypocrisy and double standard.  You must religiously agree with them or you will be subjected to attack, ridicule and belittlement.

Another lie?
On the contrary, he is 'government' as it affirms on his page, and he is suppressing the free speech of constituents who are trying to address him on his official county page. He has labeled the page repeatedly 'County Update - Madore.
Really?  And how, exactly, does Madore's tit-for-tat banning of members of a political hate-group equate, precisely, to "suppression?"

Are these same clowns somehow prohibited from contacting him in any other way?

Are they forbidden from emailing him at his county office?  Are they forbidden from coming to county hearings or public meetings and expressing their views there?

Are they forbidden from protesting, writing letters to the editor, or sending him snail mail?

Of course not.  But the moron I'm responding to here equates Madore's decision.... and it IS HIS decision... to treat them they way they treat him as equating to the constitutional crisis of Nixon?

Melodramatic hatred much?

So, Goodman relies on a group that has no jurisdiction or relevance, since Madore's page is NEITHER a "official blog" NOR an "official facebook page."
The Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission has advised elected officials there: "you can’t remove negative comments from your official blog or Facebook site unless they’re “obscene, profane, libelous or defamatory."
Which has what, precisely, to do with anything here?

Nothing.  PARTICULARLY since Goodman fails to get that Madore's facebook page is neither an official page or an official blog, which is, of course, what the Seattle whatever they are (And we should give a damn what a group of Goodman's fellow fringe-left nutters in a communist bastion have to say?)  and that, as a result, would have no impact WHATSOEVER, no matter how much Ronnie wants it to.
The idea of restricting an entire group simply on the basis of membership in that group is abhorrent to any interpretation of free speech.
So, sue him.

The idea of banning individuals... like this same group has banned Madore... based on what THEY MIGHT say is equally abhorrent... since most comments from this hate group further the group's agenda... much like Melissa Smith, for example, who said she'd front for the group according to the group's own notes... but that certainly doesn't stop the C3G2 haters, does it?

Ron, since you're the master of circle-jerks, I'll leave their application up to you based on your experience and all.

And then THIS beaut of an OUTRIGHT lie:
Only rarely have I seen anyone here refer to others as part of a group and then generalize about the group, even then the generalization never extended to a hateful remark except a rare couple of times long ago, and then I or another administrator removed the offending remark.

He spewed this vile dreck within the past week.

And yet, HE has to lie about his OWN speech?
...except a rare couple of times long ago, and then I or another administrator removed the offending remark.
Long ago?


And this irony can't be overlooked:
These blogs have minuscule importance...note the very limited self-reinforcing group that comments.
Odd, isn't it?  I freely admit to running the unimportant blog that nobody reads... but everyone bitches about.  And I do have to wonder why this whack job wasted hundreds of words on little ol' me... since my blog is so unimportant and all.

And when it comes to a "very limited self-reinforcing group that comments?"




Hatred is never a great political plank to run from, Ron.  And the more you babble and deny your OWN hate?

The easier it is to define who... and what... you people are.


Lew Waters said...
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Just a guy said...

When the group first started, it was open. But then I started asking questions and defending many of Madore's actions... and they did what they do.

I stopped (which is what they wanted) when one of those scum compared me to Hitler because of my command picture from back in the day.

The entire purpose of this group is now out and rolling around in the gutter for all to see. Even Jeff Guard seems to have wised up.