Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The stupidity of air strikes in Iraq.

I suppose, when the entirety of your Administration is a group of cowardly morons, this sort of thing is to be expected.

The slaughter of innocents continues unabated because we have blithering idiots who publicly tell these scum what we won't do.

As professional and capable as our air arm is, it cannot stop these people by itself.

Any 2nd Lieutenant just out of ROTC knows that to stop an invasion, you have to put troops on the ground to work in conjunction with air power to secure an area.

I know this.  Our military leadership knows this.  Even that simple idiot in the White House knows this.

So, why are we bothering?  Why is Obama annoying these people (Because that's all a few air strikes are, really, a minor annoyance) when he knows (He's most certainly been told, even by the essentially worthless political generals he's appointed) that what he's doing will accomplish nothing by itself, except, perhaps, to delay the inevitable outcome.


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