Monday, August 11, 2014

A prospective County Charter Lie site.

So, the haters at C3G2 have slammed together a website... or, well, one of their morons has... that is complete with every lie they are going to tell us... for now, anyway.

I like that it's so middle school, it's free.

But the fact is this: hatred of David Madore is what's driving the effort. Naturally, these scum don't mention that, although it's going to be mentioned enough as part of the campaign which will, ultimately crush these cretinous haters.

Lie One:
The common goal of freeholders was to create a better, more effective government for Clark County.
The common goal of most of the freeholders was to screw the commissioners and undo the results of the 2012 election.  Their mission was to make an effort to do that.

Their JOB was to present a framework to allow the voters to change Clark into a charter county.  The added effort to undo the election is a result of the hatred the majority had for conservatives, and it will cause this effort to fail.

 Lie Two:
The county government freeholders designed is better than what we have because it:
This plan does nothing to make county government "better."

As I pointed out before, it does nothing to improve county government.  It's nothing more than a fringe-left wet dream.

Lie Three:
  • Increases representation but cuts salaries so we get five council members for less than the price of three commissioners.
It DECREASES representation AND AUTHORITY because the council loses control of personnel matters and, effectively, becomes a part time rubber stamp for the bureaucracy. Increasing the numbers of weak elected officials who cannot do anything to make the bureaucracy function because it doesn't answer to the people through that "elected representation."

Further, any cuts in salaries for these "representatives" will be more than offset by increased logistical and personnel costs, since these so-called "part time" commissioners will require additional staffing.

Lie Four:
  • Allows voters in each of four districts to choose their own district representative. The entire county elects a chairperson.
This may or may not be "better."  But again, this is part of the leftist wet dream of local government to guarantee that the Vancouver Soviet gets a leftist on the council... instead of facing their upcoming shut out based on Pridemore getting crushed this November and having an all Republican county commission.

Putting all the power in ONE county wide commissioner does NOT make "government better."

Lie Five:
  • Protects us from any one politician or branch of government becoming too powerful by separating the legislative and administrative responsibilities.
This is as close to the truth as these scum get:  There's a reason they don't come out and just tell the truth about why these scum want this.

The problem?

What it does NOT do is "protect" us from an out of control, unaccountable bureaucracy that the fringe left would have us shift the power to.

Think the unaccountable and unresponsive CTran mafia for an example.

Lie Six:
  • Gives us, the voters, more local control by providing our citizens the power to put local initiatives and referenda on the ballot.
While this should have been the ONLY thing this crap pile did, the fact is that these scum rammed this legal coup attempt down our throats for election as a part of the charter vote because they knew that this part was going to be used as the bait to get people to vote for it.

When the charter gets crushed this November, we can do this again next year and leave the coup attempt out of it.

Lie Seven:

This Charter puts more power in the hands of the people. It’s a better system for all of us!

It does nothing of the kind. It takes power away from our elected commissioners and gives it to administrative staff while making it practically impossible to fire them when they ignore us.

The problem the haters are going to have is volumes of their hatred is available for all to see.  And that they run away from the true reasons they want these changes... these coward's effort to overturn an election is going to get crushed.

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