Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Clinton's betrayal of Obama.

Look, those connected with the scumbag in the White House are essentially radioactive.

I get that the biggest anchor around the dem's neck is Obama.  But those who aided and abetted this moron in screwing up this country and our foreign policy cannot now walk away from the part THEY played in this stupidity to begin with.

The Middle East blew up on the Dynamic Duo (Clinon and Obama's) watch.

And her problem is that as much as she NOW claims to have disagreed with Obama's policies... the time to express that disagreement was back when it would have made a difference.

Let's remember: Clinton has lied repeatedly and often about her own foreign policy escapades, and she has blood on her hands... just not quite as much as the amount of the ocean of covering the president.

Bailing on Obama now is far too little... far too late.

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