Tuesday, August 12, 2014

After getting clobbered in the primary, the M&M Twins are strangely silent.

Look, no one believed either of these clowns had a chance.  One is a pathological liar, and the other has the personality of a snake.

Both are fringe-left nutbags, suitable for "representing" the neo-communist 49th District, neither have a hope in hell of winning this election.  Neither ever did have such a hope, as I have pointed out repeatedly.

This is the problem when fringe-left nutburgers run your local party.

They're the hammer, and every one of their candidates has to be a nail.

If the democrats ever hope to win in rural Clark County, they can't keep running cardboard cutouts of Mike Heywood and Jim Moeller.

If the democrats ever hope to win, they can't keep running candidates who lie at the drop of a hat.

If they ever intend to have a realistic chance of winning around here, they have to begin to do something they appear to be genetically incapable OF doing: they have to accept reality.

Instead, they keep yammering away for the CRC as if all of those votes actually SUPPORTED it instead of opposed it.

They have to stop whining.  They have to stop supporting that idiotic charter that is going to get crushed, as those running this bizarre effort already know it will.

If they ever HOPE to win, they must disavow the idiocy of Steve "I only speak for Steve" Stuart, who, like so many democrats, doesn't give a DAMN what the people want when those people have a different agenda.

That is why Mussolini Mikey got clobbered in the primary.

That is why Bully Loserham got crushed in the primary... and even had to lie about THAT.

Like all of the other democrat road kill in the 18th, these two clowns will soon become footnotes on an election returns pdf.  And it can't happen a moment too soon.

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