Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rumors running rampant: Montague's hate-PAC desperate for GOP members.

As regular readers know, Paul Montague was fired from Identity Clark County and threw a snit that has resulted in a hate-PAC devoted to attacking Republicans generally and those who were smart enough to oppose his delusion called the CRC/Loot Rail scam particularly.

As a rule, working double-overtime to alienate the most powerful legislators in SW Washington doesn't move the ball forward for any person, group or company needing their good will.  Besides failing in his job of getting the CRC Scam through the legislature, Montague was such a dick about the whole thing that his name is already Mudd where it matters, as will anyone connected to him.

Just for one example, anyone stupid enough to donate a dime to this fantasy of Montague's will be as blacklisted as Montague himself is if they need anything from area legislators.

Meanwhile, here's the biggest of all of the many lies Montague spews when it comes to his idiocy:
The Responsive Leadership Initiative is a non-partisan organization focused on identifying, developing and supporting moderate leaders on all sides of the political spectrum.

That's a lie, of course: it's Montague's exercise in mental masturbation, replete with where this megalomaniac QUOTES HIMSELF as if what he thinks, or says, or what he thinks he says, means anything to anyone.

And Montague's problem?

No one from the GOP wants to play: thus, his "non-partisan organization" is just another front for the downtown mafia and those foolish enough to buy into Montague's idiocy.

There's nothing "non-partisan" about it.  It's a pro-CRC, Pro-Charter coup-attempt outfit that's run like a wholly-owned subsidiary of Democrats, Inc.

As a result, Montague, McDonagh and Capeloto are DESPERATE to get someone from the GOP involved, the higher the profile, the better.

We're watching.  And waiting.

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