Friday, August 08, 2014

More fringe-left hypocrisy from Mussolini Mikey Briggs.

As an indicator of the self-delusion required to be a fringe-left nutjob like Briggs, I offer this garbage up from his facebook page.

Whoever agrees with this tripe... and the left wing wackos will naturally give this clown an "Amen!" must have been living under a rock during the entirety of the Bush II Administration.

And that goes to the heart of the fringe-left self-delusion.

When Briggs indicate he actually believes the phrase "... that no other president has ever experienced," that is perhaps the biggest lie this moron has ever published... well, since he put up the fake, bogus Lincoln quote a few weeks ago.

When the basis for your political philosophy equates to lies like this?

American lives are in no way "better."  Our lives are arguably, by about every available measure, worse than they were when this clown was inaugurated.  Yet the fringe-left doggedly insists on repeating the lie in this poster as if it bares even a remote resemblance to the truth.

Which is yet another indicator that Mussolini Mikey Briggs shouldn't be elected dog catcher.

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Jack Buckmeir said...

yet, no one can name an obama"success"not even mussolini.