Friday, August 08, 2014

Why did Obama wait?

When you have an ignorant coward as your president, people are going to die as a result.

When you have an intelligent warrior as your president, people are ALSO going to die... just fewer of them and typically bad people.

ISIS first started getting active in Iraq months ago.  Here's today's articles:

Iraq has problems. The tribal clown running the show should be taken out.

But there is no excuse for waiting this long to act.  None.

Because this cowardly little worm waited to act this long, thousands of American-leaning people and thousands who actually worked with the US, stupidly, as it turned out as we've broken our word... again... have been slaughtered.

We should have stamped these scum out wherever they are on the planet.

We should have stamped them out before they picked up sophisticated weaponry, anti-aircraft capabilities and hundreds of millions of dollars in cash from the banks they captured.

We should have obliterated them before they slaughtered us and rendered the sacrifices of the thousands who've died and the tens of thousands who have been wounded, irrelevant.

But when you have a vacillating, gutless clown as your president, a president laughed at and despised at the highest levels... what else can you expect?

Because this dillwad waited... the task has become infinitely more difficult and ISIS has become geometrically stronger.

Obama's ineptitude and inaction has led to the slaughter of Christians, the loss of territory, the loss of weapons and the loss of faith in the US.

And an ocean of blood is going to result.

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