Friday, August 08, 2014

The hypocrites of our local fringe left: billionaire's plans to buy elections for democrats in Washington State.

Part of our local fringe-left's meme is the lie that David Madore "bought" his election.

Madore did not win his election: Marc Boldt, who was all the leftists wanted him to be, lost it; in part because many of these same fringe-left scum whining about Madore refused to vote for Boldt since, for whatever the reason, he insisted on keeping an "R" after his name even though he usually voted in lock-step with Steve "I only speak for Steve" Stuart.

Of course, our local fringe-left hypocrites have no trouble with Senator Maria Cantwell, who spent millions of HER own money to win her first election to the US Senate, and they have no problem with Suzan DelBene, congresswoman from the WA01 who spent something over $3.5 million or so for her win in the last cycle.


Because these two are democrats.

And now, along comes fringe-leftist billionaire Tom Steyer who has the avowed mission of getting the fringe-left idiocy of his version of hypocrisy (Does this clown live the way he wants us all to live?  What's HIS "carbon footprint" look like?) rammed down our throats by wasting millions to get leftist elected everywhere generally, but in Washington State particularly.

Steyer isn't new to this: he tried to spend $3 MILLION last year on the race that Jan Angel won in the 26th District that increased the MCC by 1 to a 26-23 advantage in the Senate, before he got busted for the attempt.

Based on the results of the primary, the Seattle Times suggests that Steyer might be better-served if he'd spend his money elsewhere.

And you know what?

I don't care where he spends his money.  Just like I don't care if Madore spent $300,000 on his race, or that Cantwell spent, if memory serves, $8 million or so of her own money for the $174,000 a year job she has or that DelBene spent $3 million plus for HER $174,000 year job.

But the fringe-left nutters around here have no end of whining over the "Madore bought it" meme when in reality, THEY are at fault for refusing to vote for Boldt.

Yet, when it comes to democrats "buying" THEIR seat?

Not a peep.

And that's just a snippet of the C3G2 rank hypocrisy that we're subjected to.

And that kind of hypocrisy is why these clowns are going to get hammered this November.

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