Thursday, August 07, 2014

General election predictions.

Number one: the charter gets crushed.

The poison pill for the charter was the legal coup attempt that has made leftists giddy throughout the county.

That, of course, was a deliberate strategy: they didn't want a charter where the people would have a mechanism to rise up against leftist idiocy like the CRC Scam, so the thought process, what there was of it, was to make it impossible to pass without including a neutering of the hated conservative commissioners.

In that sense, even when it loses, the left wins: the people will still be silenced and we'll get to go through this all over again next year as the people will continue to cry out for the right to have county initiatives to force electeds to listen to us instead of the special interests who own them.

And lose it will.  And those scum like Melissa Smith who wrap themselves around this idiocy?

They are so over.

And that brings me to the county commissioner race:  Stewart.

The hatred for the charter scam and those who support it, along with the hatred of the father of the CRC Scam for all of Clark County, Craig Pridemore, will end his political career with a "bang," so to speak, as he is dropped into the dustbin of county history... where he long since should have been for a decade.

Further; leftist hatred is no reason to change the organization of this county's government.  You leftist clowns don't like the commissioners we have now?

Then beat them two years from now.  Otherwise, STFU.

Congressional race:  Herrera.

While exceeding my expectations when it comes to how utterly worthless an elected official can be, Herrera has fooled enough people into actually believing that she was looking out for us and fighting the CRC Scam (when, in fact, she did absolutely nothing to stop it or change it) while voting to cut veteran disability and caving on the debt ceiling like the rest of the RINO's, Herrera, who was once described as a "family values conservative" by the local rag when she scammed her appointment to the legislature back in 07, has since morphed into a complete, left-leaning "mainstreamer" who despicably uses her sick daughter as a campaign prop.

She's proven herself unfit to be a hall monitor, and she has risen to the level of back-bencher, do-nothing wallflower... not unlike, come to think of it, Brandon Vick, who says so much... but does so little.

Lacking even the guts to hold open town hall meetings because of her cowardice and limited intellectual capacity, Herrera is a sock puppet with her builder's hand; that of Cathy McMorris, who threw her together out of spare parts laying around the office and ordained this worthless waste of skin to move up from Cathy's coffee go-fer to US Congresswoman; up Herrera's back like a Jeff Dunham puppet... and she can't even do THAT right.

Is it any wonder the House of Representatives has shown itself so utterly worthless when we've needed them most when it's populated by Herrera's?

Unfortunately, Bob Dingethal is equally worthless, another leftist coward who won't respond to my questions.  (See the upper right corner of this blog to check out the number of days Dingethal has blown off my questions.)

17th District Legislature:  Wilson and Harris.

Lynda Wilson is superior in every way as a candidate and, of course, a vote for Stonier is a vote for that fringe-left idiocy that controls the House and the various committees in the House that will do their best to bend us over and break it off in the wallet.

Wilson did very well in the primary against the incumbent, and if she keeps working hard and letting people know what a vote for Stonier really means, she should win this seat.

Harris has been less than enthusiastic about Wilson; political machinations and rumors are flying in the background.  But that's neither here nor there, and this McCloskey guy is just another democrat speed bump because they couldn't find a serious candidate to take Harris on... which is the most obvious sign of democrat weakness in that district yet.

18th District.  Pike and Vick.

Bully Loserham (Maureen Winningham) continues to lie as a campaign strategy and, based on her blithering idiocy displayed at the CVTV election round up, she is going to continue to... well... lie.

Liars, particularly the ilk like Loserham who engage in the practice for no discernable reason, don't do well in most elections... don't do well in conservative districts... and Loserham was clobbered in the primary with a 42% vote (to date)

Even if she was capable of telling the truth all the time, fringe-left positions won't sell in this district.

On the other hand, Liz Pike is willing to break a few eggs in pursuit of representing the people of this district.  And, Liz doesn't have to lie to win.

Because Lumpy does so little work, Liz has to pick up the ball and run with it while he mails it in, but she is a solid, fighting representative of the kind we need here in this day and age.

Mussolini Mikey Briggs, has done even worse, getting 4% less than Bully... and getting 1000 fewer votes.  Man, even the dems think this clown sucks.

It's a shame that at this point, it seems that Vick survived John Ley's effort... this time... to put a hard worker into that office instead of the empty suit that Brandon's been since he got the gig.

But as pathetic has Vick has been in his political jobs, he's de Tocqueville compared to Mussolini Mikey Briggs.  And, while I wouldn't be caught dead voting for either, Vick wins this easily because Mikey is such a putz.

49th District:  Molehill Moeller and Wylie

Perhaps the slimiest legislator in the country, Molehill Moeller makes no bones about his arrogance and the fact that he could give a rat's ass what anyone but Moeller thinks.  The quintessential example of the "I only speak for Steve" school of thought so popular among democrats, there's no lie he won't tell and no arrogance he won't express on any number of subjects on his agenda.

Part of the beauty of the CRC Scam getting killed was how much of a moron it made Molehill look like.

The 49th is Charlie's Country like the 18th belongs to the GOP.  And these two are staying in office.

County Sheriff: Atkins

While some in the fringe-left are sniveling because Chuck won't allow them to use him as a piñata on his facebook page, the fact is that the people of this county will want a cop as their sheriff, and not a self-aggrandizing, badge-happy social worker.

Shane Gardner's done some weird stuff and the fact that he's paying Jim Mains bank to run his campaign into the ground is reason enough to question his judgement.

After what Mains did to the debacle that was Marc Boldt's campaign for reelection to the commission, you'd think that people would know better.

For the rest of the county offices, at this point, everyone holding such an office will continue to hold it when this is all over.

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