Thursday, August 07, 2014

Mussolini Mkey Briggs gets DESTROYED in the primary....

And he's " happy and proud at this moment?"

He left out "delusional."

Proud and happy to have 62% or more of the people of this district vote against you and your fringe left meme?

How the hell does THAT work?

His "... success thus far?"  the only "success" Musso has had is to prove that the people of this district do not want him anywhere close to Olympia except the way he IS going to get there: as just another leftist tourist.

Before the election, I knew that Mikey was going to get crushed, and he was.

When next I see Mikey, I am going to ask him:

"Why are you running?  You haven't got a chance."

Because either this clown is too stupid to know it... and he actually believes this tripe... or he knows he's dead meat and he's just going through the motions.

The GOP is running the literal equivalent of a box of hammers at this point and the combined vote of the GOP exceeds 62%.

And as the numbers continue to come in, Briggs will sink even further.

And he's "happy" about that?


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