Thursday, August 07, 2014

Why is Jack Burkman a liar?

Look... I get that it takes a high level of self-delusion to be a leftist... and I get that to make that work, you have to lie to yourself... but why does Jack Burkman have to lie to everyone else?

From over on the C3G2 hate site where most of the hard core leftist hang out comes this bit of tripe:

Not that it will matter, because like every other position Burkman takes county wide, his effort to silence those who despise him his fellow haters will meet in failure and this effort will pass like all the other efforts this scumbag ignores in his deliberations.

Here's what the Lazy C wrote about this:
County commissioners first addressed appointing members to the committees Wednesday afternoon at a board time meeting. Because of the short time frame, auditor Greg Kimsey appointed members to the opposing argument committee at the request of Madore. 
Because the commissioners approved placing the advisory vote onto the ballot, they were put in charge of tapping people to write both the pro and con statements. Madore, one of the top critics of the now-dead Columbia River Crossing, is the lead proponent of the east county bridge idea, spearheading its development from the start, so he abstained from appointing anyone to the con committee.
That's not quite the same thing as Burkman claimed... and, of course, because Burkman is a Portland buttboy who would have... and still might... bend us all over to get raped by TriMet if they can figure out a way to ram that CRC/loot rail scam down this community's throat.

Just think: what would these worms be saying now if Madore HAD picked the "no side" for the pamphlet that no one is going to read and no one is going to care about?

The glaring hole in these leftist blatherings is as simple as it is obvious: they offer precisely zero alternatives.

The have no plan, no vision and no guts.  So all scum lie Burkman can do is whine about what others do... essentially, the typically worthless brand of what passes for "leadership" among the fringe left infesting our community.

Good God, how it must suck to be a hater.

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