Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Democratian spin on the Briggs debacle.

Folks: Mussolini Mikey Briggs is going to get his ass kicked into Amboy on the first Tuesday in November.

The rag's bizarre take... that Mussolini got more votes than Vick, is about as useful an observation as another Lefty Lew lie about the CRC.

The GOP could run a board fence and the clueless moron running as a democrat would be crushed by it.

Briggs received about the same percentage of the vote as any other democrat in the 18th is going to get.

In the contested primary for this House seat in 2010, for example, how useful was it that Dennis Kampe got the most votes (as the only democrat running) at around 31% of the vote in that election, only to get a whole 39% in the general?

Kampe "collected the most votes" in the primary... but was crushed in the general... just like Briggs is going to be destroyed in the next general here.

And no amount of ersatz spin is going to change that... no matter how self-deluding Mussolini is.

Because NO ONE who voted for Ley would be caught dead voting for a fringe-left whack job like Musso.

While some might undervote the race (like me, for example) it won't be nearly enough to make any difference... and Mussolini not only is toast... he KNOWS he's toast.

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