Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Mussolini Mikey continues to play into the delusion that he "won" the primary yesterday.

From the Mussolini Mikey Briggs Idiocy File (And, as a side note, I had to install another terabyte hard drive to hold it all:)

There's a reason that even a left wing rag like the Lazy C failed to use the term "win" in the headline.

Briggs picked up 39.58% of the vote, a number that will shrink over the upcoming days, like to 37 or less as the late vote breaks right as it typically does.  And in a two-way race, someone getting 37% in the primary is not going to make up the difference in the general.

And while Vick is worthless and *I* won't vote for him, (Or Mussolini, either) in the 1-8, he has as much chance of losing.... particularly to a fringe-left nut job like Briggs... as Molehill Moeller does in the 49th.

This kind of self-delusion is just one of the reasons Mussolini Mikey Briggs is unfit for elective office and as a better chance of winning PowerBall as he does winning this election.

There's a reason he only raised 8 campaign donations for the entire month of July.

With his year's long record of lies about the CRC/Loot Rail Scam, his adherence to neo-communist principles that would make Lenin blush and his complete lack of situational awareness and his hatred of allowing the voters an opinion, not to mention his complete lack of responsiveness to questions by prospective constituents, Mussolini Mikey has as much chance of winning this race as he does developing a personality that doesn't resemble a snake.

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