Saturday, August 30, 2014

Democratian campaigns for Ridgefield Barbie in return for her failure to oppose CRC Scam.

Regular readers know I voted for Jon Haugen for Congress last cycle since our congress-critter is utterly worthless on so many levels, not the least of which was her complete, bought-and-paid-for support of the CRC Scam.

This year, had Bob Dingethal been as strongly opposed to the CRC Scam as Haugen was, I would have voted for him instead of the empty-suited bimbette we've got  "representing" us now.  Unfortunately, he was type-cast as the all-too-typically cowardly democrat, and he refused to respond to my questions, presented to him repeatedly some 9 months ago.

In addition to her multiple failures as a member of congress and her penchant for self-aggrandizement like when she crashed the White House post-Super Bowl party to get a selfie with Russel Wilson... the use of her daughter as a campaign prop.

I feel sorry for Abigail to be in this inevitably fatal condition.  I feel sorry for her father... I feel sorry for her... but it is increasingly difficult for me to feel sorry for her mother who has used this child to gain millions of dollars worth of earned media and sympathy from across this country for political purposes, particularly from those unaware of the utterly contemptible job she's done since we were unfortunate enough to elect this waste of skin.

Unfortunately for us all, Bob Dingethal wouldn't do any better.

I get why the rag is shilling her, given that first, there's no way she can lose and second, she amounts to the token Republican the leftist hacks running the rag will endorse this cycle.

But the primary reason they're doing this is because they're expressing their appreciation for her decision to sit out the entire 7 years we've been unfortunate enough to have her in office when it comes to the CRC/Loot Rail Scam.

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Survival of congresswoman's baby a celebrated case

During that entire time of her tenure at both the state and federal level, this fake representative failed to introduce any legislation to address either the issues of bridge height, loot rail or tolls on the CRC Scam. 

She sat on the sidelines and waited around as Sen. Ann "Bridge Killer" Rivers and Sen. Don Benton did the heavy lifting in the Senate to kill this idiocy, an accomplishment that the Camas Manikin COULD have done on her own, years ago.

As a result, we get multiple puff pieces from the local disgrace to journalism: pieces that do absolutely nothing to justify re-electing her to 3rd grade hall monitor, let alone Congress.

She has become what I always knew her to be: a do-nothing puppet RINO of her former boss, Cathy McMorris, who threw her together from spare parts laying around the office where Herrera used to go run for Cathy's coffee, and then parachuted her back in here after an 11 or so year absence to set her up to run against Brian Baird... her hero... and, coincidentally, a democrat.

So, expect to see a lot more of this garbage before November.  But remember what's driving it.  And ask yourself: how could any mother use her daughter this way?

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